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Photo - 100985
I agree!
End of the run
Nice image.
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Photo 100959
Thanks. Just started to play with it. Have not figured out how to get all of the settings under control yet.
🕐 03-2-19 6:02 AMakul posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100940
Beautiful series. I would love to see them bigger !
Photo - 100306
The dog doesn't look like he's having a good time.
Photo - 100324
Bikini washer girl, meet Cthulhu. Cthulhu, meet bikini washer girl.
Photo - 100325
After riding the bike 1300 miles to Sturgis, I found some very nice young women who washed the bugs off for me. How cool is that?
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Photo 100921
Ian, thanks for you comment!
Photo 100894
To many decoys?
Veteran Cadillac 1
Nice. Looks like a 1949 caddy sedan.
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Photo - 100916
True! An excellent lens. Along with the Canadian Summicron 50/2, and the Zeiss 50/1.4 T*. Also the Rollei Planar 50 HFT. Each with its own virtues. Thank you for commenting.
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🕐 02-14-19 11:29 AMchriseeo posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Nice one
Wow! The camera? The lens? The Harley? Difficult to chose from this nice photo.
Photo 100892
Yuri, This image is haunting! PS.
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Photo 35200
By: timw
Very nice image! well done!
Photo 100863
Very nice!
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You want it, we got it-Kensington
Great image, simple, straight forward.
Who knew they had a dress code
Great shot. Congrats!
Photo - 100858
Very nice.
Photo 100855
Nice. Like the look.
🕐 01-10-19 4:12 AMhys posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Cabbage Patch Kids