Clean and simple | NIKON 105MM F/2.5
Barriers | NIKON 105MM F/2.5
Dribs and drabs | NIKON 105MM F/4.0 MICRO
Over and over | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
Artist's conception | NIKON 200MM F/4.0 IF MICRO
Phenotypical expression on display | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
Soap film no. 2 | NIKON 200MM F/4.0 IF MICRO
Simone and Richard at Gichigami | LENS MODEL NOT SET
The things we do for our craft | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Robert among the Sunflowers | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Andrew at the Dunes, Death Valley California | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Rainbow eyes-Pride 2003 | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
World's smallest supermarket | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
The red mitten | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
Brother can you spare a dime? | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Waiting for the Red Rocket | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Rachel playing peekaboo | NIKON 180MM F/2.8 ED
Contemplation | NIKON 180MM F/2.8 ED
Long and the short of it | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Man eating apple | LENS MODEL NOT SET
At the end of a long day | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Cameron House | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
The last drag | NIKON 105MM F/2.5
Father and daughter on the beach | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Sunday morning at Cherry Beach | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Fred Heather at Edward's Gardens | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Outside looking in | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Mother and child-Chinatown | LENS MODEL NOT SET
The muffin | NIKON 180MM F/2.8 ED
The old man and his dog | NIKON 300MM F/2.8 ED-IF
More irony on the streets of Toronto | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Photo - 27142 | NIKON 50MM F/1.4