Basking-2 | VIVITAR 17-28 F4.0-4.5 AIS
Street celebration | VIVITAR 17-28 F4.0-4.5 AIS
Arlington West, Santa Monica, California | VIVITAR 17-28 F4.0-4.5 AIS
Firing the cannon | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
New Orleans from the 19th floor | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Every which way | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
Abstraction one | NIKON 105MM F/4.0 MICRO
Mooring | NIKON 35MM F/2.0
Staircase geometric | TAMRON SP 35-105MM 2.8 AIS
The Jeweler in his shop | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
Northern Michigan, early morning | LENS MODEL NOT SET
I'd rather go naked than wear fur | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
Simone in the Dewy Bug Swamp, Paradise Michigan | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Mother and child-3 | NIKON 105MM F/2.5
What does the Bible really teach? | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
Despair | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Dumpster diving at City Hall | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
Frederick-winter 2003 | NIKON 35-70MM F/3.5 MACRO
Sometimes Superheros need second jobs too | TOKINA 80-200MM F2.8
Street musician and child-2 | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Street musician and her child-New Orleans | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Devil or angel? Pride 2006 | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Business as usual | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
How I spent my Saturday morning | NIKON 24MM F/2.0
Helen and Al under the hoarding | NIKON 24MM F/2.8
The mysteries of fashion | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Tony waiting for a customer | NIKON 80-200MM F/2.8 ED
Helen and Al on a Sunday morning | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Let your beauty unfold | LENS MODEL NOT SET