And you thought your day was bad | COSINA 21MM F4 SKOPAR
Lunchtime in Chinatown | COSINA 21MM F4 SKOPAR
Couple at cafe with red bicycle | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Confluence of cultures | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Street vendor-informal portrait | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Pride and the passion | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Woman with umbrella | NIKON 85MM F2.0
Inside the Kensington Cafe | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Savouring the moment | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Free Existential advice | LENS MODEL NOT SET
Portrait with surgical mask | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Ice Cream face | NIKON 105MM F2.5
Killing time at Jimmy's | LENS MODEL NOT SET