Comments by Randy Giesbrecht

🕐 02-23-14 6:25 PMblack knight
Photo 4644
Thank you Akemi-n we were in the right place this time.
🕐 02-23-14 6:22 PMblack knight
Canum Lk rainbow 4
Thank you phiggys
🕐 02-23-14 6:21 PMblack knight
Photo 7086
Thank you akemi-n
🕐 02-23-14 6:21 PMblack knight
Photo 7084
Thank you athazen
🕐 10-27-13 9:47 PMblack knight
Eagle Owl
I agree this is a fantastic capture Love the back lighting
🕐 07-27-13 8:12 AMblack knight
Photo 29574
Niki your magic I thought this was real. Glad it's not Lol
🕐 07-27-13 8:10 AMblack knight
By: jimmy
Great capture !!
🕐 07-27-13 8:09 AMblack knight
Photo 29571
By: jimmy
Aren't Kids amazing to capture. You never know what you'll get
Fanatic capture Jimmy
I love the intensity on her face as she's trying not to move her hat. Lol
🕐 07-27-13 8:03 AMblack knight
The Falkirk Wheel,Scotland
By: jimmy
Very cool
🕐 07-27-13 8:02 AMblack knight
house fly
Great DOF and sharpness
🕐 07-27-13 7:48 AMblack knight
Photo 5768
Thank you all for your great comments
Sorry I didn't thank you all individually
Randy g
🕐 07-27-13 7:47 AMblack knight
Photo 5768
Thank you loosbroos
🕐 07-13-13 7:51 AMblack knight
Hot Wings
By: botto
Great capture Brian
🕐 06-7-13 12:49 PMblack knight
Maple Leaf II
Very Cool concept
love it !!!
🕐 06-7-13 9:09 AMblack knight
Photo 18121
The lighting sure creates a great mood
What a fantastic sculpture
🕐 06-7-13 9:05 AMblack knight
Photo 23230
Fantastic image Kevin great DOF and clarity
🕐 06-4-13 9:51 PMblack knight
Northern lights 1301
THXs Alyssa it was a great night till the clouds showed up Lol
🕐 06-3-13 4:08 PMblack knight
Northern lights 1303
AURORAS IN THE USA: On June 1, Northern Lights spilled across the Canadian border into more than a dozen US states, turning the sky purple and green as far south as Colorado and Nebraska. Subscribers to the Space Weather Alert System (text, voice) knew the storm was coming, but others were surprised:
🕐 06-3-13 4:08 PMblack knight
Northern lights 1304
No I have seen them quite often in lower mainland
These ones could be seen quite far south as Colorado and Nebraska
Yes we had then on CTV news

🕐 06-2-13 7:43 AMblack knight
Northern lights 1304
Yes it was captured east of Mission City BC overlooking The Fraser River and Hatzic Lk
popflash photo

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