Comments by Walter Schoeffthaler

🕐 11-28-20 6:10 AMwalter2
Covid 19 Concerned ..?
Thank you, Jerry!
I never could pass a backlit motive ....
🕐 11-27-20 2:04 AMwalter2
Every Day Life in The Streets
Thanks for the "Thumbs Up", Jerry!
:o) much obliged.
🕐 11-27-20 2:03 AMwalter2
Dark Alleyway in Moonshine
Thank you, Jerry!
🕐 11-23-20 12:47 PMwalter2
In The Cold November Air
Thank you, Yuriylux!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:46 PMwalter2
Photo 4053
A sad situation, but masterly photographed and presented in B&W!
🕐 11-22-20 2:44 PMwalter2
Life # 1
a mesmerising picture - it needs to be fetched to the front-page!
🕐 11-22-20 2:42 PMwalter2
Rietz. Tirol, Austria.
I know this place! I have been there, but alas in different conditions, not so mystical as here.
- Rietz in Tyrol is the birtplace of my father. He grew up, not so far away from this chapel.
Very nice!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:38 PMwalter2
Photo 25604
Those eyes! Just wonderful and such a very female atmosphere in this perfect portrait of a beautiful young woman! Good work in post processing!!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:34 PMwalter2
Photo 29953
A perfect exposed an well placed composition, Yuryilux!! Well done.
🕐 11-22-20 2:32 PMwalter2
Photo 22650
Wonderful female forms, and so brilliant lit!!
BRAVO - one of the best B&W-images i have seen ...
🕐 11-22-20 2:28 PMwalter2
"Down By The River" in November
Thanks again, Terence Weaver!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:27 PMwalter2
Backlight in November
Thank you both, photosphere42 and terence2! Appreciate your engagement!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:25 PMwalter2
Night Cruiser - '50 CHEVROLET De Luxe
Terence Weaver, I see you too, appreciate old Classics from the prime-time of American car design! Thank you for the 'Like' to this old (1950model) Chevrolet! :o)
🕐 11-22-20 2:23 PMwalter2
Wooden Boats in winter storage
Thank you, yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this one!!
🕐 11-22-20 2:23 PMwalter2
November in the local Harbour
Thank you, yuriylux!
🕐 11-16-20 5:03 AMwalter2
#57 - Private
Thank you, Terence Weaver - for both the 'Like' and your kind comment!
Stay safe!!
🕐 11-15-20 2:21 AMwalter2
Night Cruise '72 CHEVROLET Impala V8
Thanks for the 'Like' to this one, Terence Weaver!!
🕐 11-10-20 8:38 AMwalter2
Photo 102295
Very dynamic composition and stunning shiny aircraft! Well done. Like it very much.
🕐 11-10-20 8:17 AMwalter2
Low November Light - Twilight
Hi Jerry / photosphere42!
Thank you very much for both the 'Like' and your kind words about this image. I am rather pleased myself, mainly because this lens has separated the walking lady so well from the background. And the light was just right for this kind of photograph, low November sun late in the afternoon.
Best regards from Norway - and Stay Safe!!
🕐 11-8-20 11:30 PMwalter2
Mellow November Light
Thank you, Yuriy Kruzhnov!
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