Comments by Steve Briant

🕐 01-13-20 3:25 AMstevebriant
Steps Of Giants
Thanks for the like Jerry and Walter.
🕐 12-8-19 11:44 PMstevebriant
Welsh Mist. Lake Vyrnwy
Thanks for the like Aleksander.
🕐 08-15-19 1:03 PMstevebriant
Golden Eye
Thanks Walter.
🕐 05-20-18 12:46 PMstevebriant
Thanks for the like mitresg.
🕐 05-11-18 7:08 AMstevebriant
Wavy Gavy
Thanks Akul.
🕐 05-10-18 4:26 AMstevebriant
Wavy Gavy
Thanks Hys,
🕐 05-9-18 12:59 PMstevebriant
Wavy Gavy
Thanks for the like Walter.
🕐 04-26-18 5:12 AMstevebriant
A splash of colour
Thanks for the like Walter.
🕐 04-24-15 1:21 AMstevebriant
Peaceful, warm with just a hint of spring. Nice combination Walter.
🕐 04-17-15 8:59 AMstevebriant
Fog And Sun
Nice shot Walter. Almost like the land that time forgot.
🕐 04-17-15 1:47 AMstevebriant
Winter night
Wonderful shot. Almost monochrome in the colour palette.
🕐 03-31-15 12:09 PMstevebriant
Nice shot Walter, the warm tones of the bridge are a great counterpoint to the cold snow.
🕐 02-13-15 5:51 AMstevebriant
Old Draw Bridge
Unusual. Not expecting to see green tones when it is clearly a winter scene. Makes it.
🕐 02-13-15 3:40 AMstevebriant
Photo 35283
Nice light.
🕐 10-28-13 10:11 AMstevebriant
"United Colors Of Autumn"
A wonderful combination of just about every autumn colour you could think of. A very nice composition.
🕐 09-4-13 3:14 AMstevebriant
Photo 30139
Very nice inclusion of stars as well as the sunrise/set.
🕐 07-30-13 6:10 AMstevebriant
Photo 29724
Wonderful shot from the reflected, bright colours right down to the pebbles visible under the water.
🕐 07-1-13 11:04 AMstevebriant
Photo 10448
Very nice indeed. The correct balance of powerful tones appearing out of darkness.
🕐 10-19-12 3:15 AMstevebriant
Wonderful shot. The rhythm in the sky is picked up very nicely by the seaweed in the foreground. Great muted tones.
🕐 04-1-11 11:23 AMstevebriant
By: larsf
A wonderful combination of fluid tones and hard outlines.

Very nice composition.
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