Comments by Geir Walmann

🕐 12-31-14 4:05 AMgeiantw
Photo 35051
Thanks for the comment yuriylux! About removing the wire, i have a on going discussion with myself about removing objects from my photos. Could have been cropped a bit. :-)
🕐 12-17-13 3:24 PMgeiantw
Aurora Borealis
Hi Walter!
I'm using Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 . One of the best lenses to take aurora pictures with. But against sharp lights it gives an awful flare.
🕐 12-13-13 1:21 PMgeiantw
December Evening
This is nice, i can almost feel the christmas spirit . :-)
🕐 12-13-13 1:17 PMgeiantw
Photo 31606
Hi Walter! Thanks for the comments. Due to shitty weather i haven't been out taking pictures for a while. Got a new camera by the way :-)
🕐 05-23-13 7:24 AMgeiantw
Photo 28746
Filter: B+W IR Black 093 F-Pro
🕐 03-20-13 3:03 PMgeiantw
Photo 27772
Thanks, it was a cold day. One of my first shot with this lens.
🕐 01-25-13 6:04 AMgeiantw
Photo 27077
Thanks baraboowilli. It was a moonlit night, a little fog and clouds that came and went.
🕐 01-15-13 4:46 AMgeiantw
Photo 26985
Thank you, yurilux!
Image is taken with Tokina AT-X Pro FX 16-28mm 2.8
🕐 06-3-11 11:07 AMgeiantw
Photo 17272
Thank you, mcliu.
🕐 06-3-11 11:05 AMgeiantw
Thank you, mcliu.
popflash photo

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