Comments by Jim Vega

🕐 02-8-15 1:38 PMjimv
Summerside Harbour
By: melg
Beautiful, peaceful image.
🕐 03-3-13 3:00 PMjimv
Kauai waves
Nice Capture, Dalton. Na Pali coast?
🕐 03-3-13 2:58 PMjimv
Gold Mine Ruins
By: jimv
Thanks, Dalth500. This was taken in Alaska - Hatcher's Pass, northeast of Anchorage. That's the Matanuska River in the background.
🕐 02-27-13 11:13 PMjimv
Peering Gecko
By: jimv
Many thanks! Absolutely right about being at the right spot at the right time.
🕐 01-1-12 10:29 PMjimv
Surprise landing?
Nice composition, Carole. I like how the bird's wing points to the bride.
🕐 12-24-11 12:06 PMjimv
My World
Very nice! The colors work really well together.
🕐 12-23-11 12:19 AMjimv
Christmas Cactus
Very nice, Carole. Can't get them to bloom here...
🕐 12-19-11 7:38 PMjimv
Strike a Pose
By: jimv
Thanks - very cooperative bird.
🕐 12-10-11 11:42 AMjimv
Art Deco Stairwell
Nice abstract effect, Carole. The composition really pulls the eye in and up to the blue ceiling.
🕐 12-9-11 12:02 AMjimv
Two Koi
By: jimv
Thanks, Carole.
🕐 12-8-11 11:58 PMjimv
Orange Koi
By: jimv
Thanks, Martin. A distorted image of a strange looking fish...
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