Comments by Alvaro Calix

🕐 10-29-15 5:47 PMcayro
Morning Jodhpur @ Incredible India
Great composition, great colors.
🕐 05-15-12 7:24 AMcayro
Photo 24074
By: cayro
🕐 05-2-12 10:47 AMcayro
The Waiting
Have to agree with Milton, you used a nice dof, where the texture of the bench is appreciated, but the background is blurred.
Nice shot!
🕐 01-19-12 8:45 AMcayro
Nature's Painting
Love it!
Transmits serenity, peace & quietness!
🕐 12-23-11 1:23 PMcayro
Photo 21863
By: cayro
Thank you, Niki!
🕐 12-22-11 3:09 PMcayro
The Ravine
Great HDR rendering!
🕐 12-21-11 11:55 AMcayro
Photo 22303
By: cayro
Thanks walter2!! Try to keep them simple, just 3 frames, but shot in RAW.
🕐 12-16-11 8:23 PMcayro
Photo 22205
By: golden
Impressive and your other pictures in your website are just incredible, awesome and fabulous!!!
🕐 12-10-11 7:22 AMcayro
Canola Field
By: melg
🕐 12-10-11 7:17 AMcayro
Mirror Image
Spectacular shot! Can't praise it enough. Congrats!!
🕐 11-29-11 8:50 AMcayro
Life portrait
By: abhija
You captured his facial expression perfectly!!
🕐 11-29-11 6:15 AMcayro
Photo 21863
By: cayro
🕐 11-23-11 4:57 AMcayro
Photo 21656
By: cayro
🕐 10-18-11 8:49 AMcayro
Photo 20960
By: cayro
Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires!
🕐 10-4-11 9:43 AMcayro
Photo 20527
By: cayro
Most helpful!
I always tend to use the lowest ISo I can fearing noisy images, but will most definitely take your suggestion for next time!
🕐 10-3-11 9:12 PMcayro
Photo 20529
By: cayro
Your awesome work is eye catching. That's why I like to comment on it.
🕐 10-3-11 9:06 PMcayro
A look into the Past
By: cayro
Taken from a 16th century cathedral, from the bell tower. I tried to capture with some d.o.f. the incoming storm...
🕐 09-29-11 7:17 PMcayro
By: donuss
Stunningly beautiful!
🕐 09-22-11 10:19 AMcayro
Photo 20459
By: cayro
Thanks. She's my puppy!
🕐 09-22-11 8:09 AMcayro
From A By Gone Era
What a lovely natural smile u captured! Did u use additional light or just natural light (asking because of the high iso)?
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