Comments by Chris Frangoulides

🕐 02-14-19 1:45 PMchriseeo
Photo - 100916
True! An excellent lens. Along with the Canadian Summicron 50/2, and the Zeiss 50/1.4 T*. Also the Rollei Planar 50 HFT. Each with its own virtues. Thank you for commenting.
🕐 02-14-19 11:29 AMchriseeo
Nice one
Wow! The camera? The lens? The Harley? Difficult to chose from this nice photo.
🕐 11-18-18 8:29 AMchriseeo
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Very good composition and color on these interesting flowers.
🕐 11-18-18 8:28 AMchriseeo
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Very good composition and color on these interesting flowers.
🕐 11-8-18 2:42 PMchriseeo
Mono Lake and Sierras
Lovely scenery. Quality reproduction. Colours and everything.
🕐 11-8-18 2:37 PMchriseeo
Photo 100620
I particularly like the clouds. Tonal range and lens are super. Try cutting some of the foreground, so that the eye gets not distracted, but gets straight to the clouds and mountains. Nice going.
🕐 11-8-18 2:32 PMchriseeo
Photo 100621
Oh well, the Ukrainian colours! And the famous Nikon yellow.
🕐 04-10-18 2:44 PMchriseeo
Photo 7821
By: dvg
A classic!
🕐 06-5-17 5:19 AMchriseeo
By: donuss
Wonderful scenery, well captured.
🕐 05-23-17 1:09 PMchriseeo
National Days Celebration I
Top quality. Both color and composition. Very interesting traditional costumes.
🕐 04-14-17 1:13 PMchriseeo
Judy B. in Kensington
Artistic in every way. Very nice shot. Film has an effect which cannot be surpassed. Note the latest movie releases on Kodak film from Holywood.
🕐 03-24-17 2:42 PMchriseeo
Photo 41927
Eye catching.
🕐 03-13-17 2:24 PMchriseeo
Fog in the Harbour
This is something like a mixed black and white and color photo! Great shot.
🕐 01-29-17 12:02 PMchriseeo
Sao Paulo PhotoWalk
Excellent. I would gladly hang it on my wall.
🕐 01-23-17 1:38 PMchriseeo
You made me smile, Walter. Top subject, very imaginative.
🕐 12-30-16 9:34 AMchriseeo
The Black Lady
Very nice B&W, Walter. Very good composition as well.
🕐 09-11-16 5:27 AMchriseeo
Photo 35652
For some reason Nikon produces the best yellow. In the hands of yuriylux even more so!
🕐 05-5-16 12:11 PMchriseeo
Porsche Girl
Lovely smile!
🕐 04-21-16 12:59 PMchriseeo
La Côte Sauvage Bretagne France
Inviting! Attrayant!
🕐 02-3-16 12:02 PMchriseeo
Photo 38035
Simplicity wins!
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