Comments by Javier

🕐 10-30-13 8:53 AMfarenheit
Palacio de Cristal del Retiro
By: eduar
Muy bonita, Eduardo. Estas alcanzando el parnaso de Nikonimages. Felicidades, a mí nunca me pusieron una foto en portada, Envidia sana.
🕐 10-13-13 11:32 AMfarenheit
Photo 30728
Nice crew, nice moment and I hope, better pizza.
🕐 10-6-13 11:41 AMfarenheit
Photo 30599
Terrific quality, It seems you are strolling there.
🕐 10-3-13 1:41 AMfarenheit
By: eduar
Buena composición y la profundidade de campo está muy bien lograda.
🕐 10-3-13 1:40 AMfarenheit
By: eduar
Eso está muy bien, Eduar.Muy al estilo de los bodegones clásicos.
🕐 09-10-13 1:28 AMfarenheit
By: eduar
Bonita foto. Parece una de las imágenes hechas co el efecto de noche americana.
🕐 06-25-13 9:50 AMfarenheit
Storm clouds over the creek
Amazing colors. Clouds are dancing in the dusk over the calm waters.
🕐 05-31-13 1:37 AMfarenheit
Time Watcher_02
Yes, that was the idea.
🕐 05-29-13 5:10 AMfarenheit
Beach erosion B and W
There are a kind of endurable photos I would hung up in my home wall. This is one of them. Congratulations.
🕐 05-29-13 5:06 AMfarenheit
Looking at old Fort Sumter
Nice place, great composition.
🕐 05-28-13 9:33 AMfarenheit
By: jamdoc
I'm not exactly in love of BW conversion. That girl is awesome wonderfull.
🕐 05-27-13 11:21 AMfarenheit
good things
Very nice textures, romantic.Lovely light.
🕐 05-27-13 11:19 AMfarenheit
Symbiotic Relations II
Beautifull. It makes you to lie down staring the leaves.
🕐 05-24-13 9:26 AMfarenheit
On the beach before a storm
I'm still felling walking over the sand barefoot
🕐 05-24-13 9:24 AMfarenheit
Butt tucking greyhound
Motion sensation is impressive.
🕐 05-21-13 11:23 AMfarenheit
Dreaming Spring
Thank you very much. The best rate one of my have gotten. I think I am improving my skills.
🕐 05-21-13 11:14 AMfarenheit
Old Mates
thanks, this camera is awesome.
🕐 05-21-13 11:11 AMfarenheit
Photo 28676
I like it as well
🕐 05-21-13 11:09 AMfarenheit
Station 12 washup
Nice. I hope you had a swim on that beach.
🕐 05-21-13 11:07 AMfarenheit
Deal Island House
It reminds me Edward Hopper or Andrew Wyeth. If I metthat house I would make thousands of pictures. BW as well... If the wire would had been removed I would had scored it ten. (sorry)
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