Comments by Jason

🕐 10-30-11 6:17 PMjasonbgnh
Young Bull Moose
Thank you very much guys. I set up in a spot with a lot of Moose sign and tracks with about 45 min until sundown and this guy, I figure a 1 year old, came trotting out.

I always appreciate any comments and even more critique as I am still learning, so thank you again.
🕐 09-13-11 7:05 PMjasonbgnh
Female Cardinal
Thank you very much Harmondo, that makes my day. I am trying to get better all the time.
🕐 08-3-11 7:24 PMjasonbgnh
Bee on Flower
By: icee
So sharp and contrast from the detail at the top to softness at the bottom in the same flower is great.
🕐 08-3-11 7:20 PMjasonbgnh
Meet Dani
She is stunning. Wonderful portraiture, tones and light are great.
🕐 07-28-11 10:38 AMjasonbgnh
Photo 19068
By: chuckn
I love this shot, very strong imagery.
🕐 07-26-11 7:55 PMjasonbgnh
Lake Erie storm
Great job of capturing that wave of clouds
🕐 07-26-11 7:53 PMjasonbgnh
Photo 19025
By: kimnes
🕐 07-26-11 7:52 PMjasonbgnh
Photo 19029
I like your choice of black and white, it really plays up the light in a great way.
🕐 07-26-11 7:51 PMjasonbgnh
Photo 4380
great contrast and light.
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