Comments by J. Evan Hanneman

🕐 10-17-13 10:47 AMjhanneman
Red Rocks I
Great shot Walter!
🕐 10-16-13 7:28 PMjhanneman
Jamestown, CA; Cowboy Shooting
Phenomenal shot!
🕐 10-16-13 7:21 PMjhanneman
Serengeti Landscape
This Tanzanian Serengeti "Mud Hole" has multiple animals in it. See what you can find here
🕐 08-21-11 2:11 PMjhanneman
Mission San Luis Rey
By: dickb
🕐 08-21-11 1:22 PMjhanneman
Straw Hat
By: quchen
This looks like it is straight out of a magazine! Beautiful shot!
🕐 08-21-11 1:19 PMjhanneman
Photo 17839
This is spectacular. I am VERY impressed with your composition!
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