Comments by Andre

🕐 01-25-12 7:17 AMcobra
Photo 22949
nice work milton
🕐 12-10-11 4:55 AMcobra
Meet Sylvia
Great shot but no problem for a d700 en zeiss lens
🕐 12-10-11 4:52 AMcobra
Danna Julieth
very nice picture and she is already a beauty
🕐 12-1-11 12:15 PMcobra
Photo 21669
By: cobra
thanx voor your comment Milton
🕐 11-26-11 6:12 AMcobra
nataalie, my daughter
By: cobra
Yes and i,m glad she has the looks of my ex-wife en not mine
🕐 11-26-11 6:10 AMcobra
nice picture from a beautiful girl, only your aperture is a bit strange
🕐 11-26-11 6:07 AMcobra
nose ape
By: cobra
i believe he saw my girlfriend first
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