Comments by Stuart Weber

🕐 12-21-12 6:29 AMlacapino
Overberg Landscape
Thankyou, converted with Silver FX pro
🕐 12-4-12 9:54 PMlacapino
Photo 26386
D7000 and 35 1.8 available light
🕐 11-30-12 7:39 PMlacapino
Photo 26361
Thanks, He is from Syria, and came to look for water, and drill ft in this small Village I passed, that's where I met him , and his son.
I wanted to give him a print but didn't see him again
🕐 11-30-12 9:56 AMlacapino
Photo 23392
Thankyou for the kind words. This was taken with a D200 in Norhtenr Iraq. My first DSLR, before that I had a Nikon F3 and a 20mm 3.5.
🕐 11-30-12 9:50 AMlacapino
Thankyou for the kind words
🕐 11-30-12 6:39 AMlacapino
Photo 26361
Thankyou, it was with a flash, filled in Nikon SB800 and Zeiss 18mm, I positioned myself low, and had the strong harsh midday sun behind the guy
popflash photo
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