Comments by Ricardo Janet

🕐 08-5-13 3:15 PMfotoman
Photo 25886
By: scouse
Precise composition, like it very much..:)
🕐 08-5-13 8:32 AMfotoman
Photo 11268
Great landscape in B/W!
🕐 08-4-13 11:48 PMfotoman
Photo 29793
Almost like a painting. Well it has a painting in it, plus the hanging “trompos” give a very 3D effect and the light is just right. Well done Niki!
🕐 08-3-13 5:18 PMfotoman
Checkered Tail BW
Awesome! I prefer BW version.
🕐 08-3-13 5:11 PMfotoman
Photo 29794
Excellent combination of colors and shapes. A chile under control!
Excelente combinación de colores y formas. ¡Un chile bajo control!
🕐 08-3-13 5:08 PMfotoman
Photo 29784
Wonderful bokeh! Popeye´s grandfather?
🕐 08-2-13 11:41 PMfotoman
Photo 21842
Beautiful expression!!
🕐 07-27-13 7:19 AMfotoman
By: donuss
The lady with the white bag is the "cherry on the cake” in this beautiful simmetrical photo. Congratulations Donuss!
🕐 10-16-12 9:24 PMfotoman
Capitol Dome
Greg, I really like the visual “movement" of your composition. That lonely star in the middle of a twirling sea of circles makes very interesting your picture and, the black and white version cancels any color distraction that might diminish the visual impact you achieved. Congratulations!
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