Comments by Qbert

🕐 12-19-18 7:07 AMqbert
You want it, we got it-Kensington
Looks like he could really use a couple of folding tables.
Its nice that the photo accurately depicts the same story as you have described.
🕐 10-23-18 9:08 AMqbert
Photo 100580
Thats where I should be!
Very good composition and use of color.
🕐 10-3-18 9:29 AMqbert
Photo - 100474
Very Nice.
There is still something special about the D3.
I will never part with mine!
🕐 12-17-17 4:11 PMqbert
6 Au Vieux Mas 30300 Beaucaire France
J'ai apprécié toute cette série mais surtout celle-ci.
Prends soin,
🕐 10-7-17 9:55 PMqbert
Photo 42611
Very nice arrangement.
I can feel the change of seasons when I look at it.
🕐 05-1-17 6:50 PMqbert
Photo 42084
Very nice,
Worthy of a prime space on the wall.
🕐 04-26-17 10:06 AMqbert
Sleep - grass
This is truly exceptional in every way.
I hope everyone takes the time to view this at full size to fully appreciate the quality of lighting and detail.
🕐 08-31-16 9:32 AMqbert
Photo 40642
Timing is everything and it doesn't get any better than this!
🕐 08-30-16 6:45 PMqbert
Hotel Del Panorama
Wonderful Pano, Fun to explore.
Im a big fan of panos and think it would be interesting if you could provide some technical info, IE: how many frames, If they were Vert or Horz, if shot offhand or using support or exit pupil technique??
🕐 08-20-16 11:42 AMqbert
Photo 40601
This one is exceptional Yuriy.
Well done!
🕐 01-19-16 8:34 PMqbert
Photo 37925
I never get tired of your landscapes in IR.
🕐 12-25-15 10:49 AMqbert
My wife _ Sarah
I couldnt have said it better Walter.
Excellent portrait, and I especially like the black isolation, as you may have noticed in some of my work.
🕐 12-1-15 7:34 PMqbert
Eagle of Harrison
By: botto
Wow! Excellent shot.
More Please.
🕐 11-16-15 7:57 PMqbert
Photo 23096
There's something magical about the D3 sensor, Especially when paired with the 17-35
... Not to mention the excellent eye behind the camera.
Fabulous image !
🕐 10-19-15 6:49 PMqbert
Kuala Lupur KLCC Architecture
By: kanuck
Love the lines and colors!
🕐 02-24-15 7:51 PMqbert
Excellent composition and lighting. Very strong portrait.
🕐 01-20-15 7:56 PMqbert
Brown Pelican in Surf's Spray
Wonderful colors and an incredible amount of detail.
🕐 12-16-14 7:43 PMqbert
Photo 34983
The shots of the girls are very good. love your choice of lighting.
Its refreshing to see something practical come from our photographic efforts.
Merry Christmas.
🕐 11-4-14 10:03 AMqbert
Photo 34755
The warm and cool tones work well together here.
🕐 11-1-14 8:03 AMqbert
Frontyard Rose
Very Nice!
popflash photo

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