Comments by Dalton Hobbs

🕐 04-8-19 10:34 PMdalth500
Photo 101038
Still too cold for the honeybees to be active in this part of the world. I cannot detect any chromatic aberration or color fringing from this superb image!! Great work Sir!
🕐 11-10-18 2:35 AMdalth500
Photo - 100664
One ton bales... Nice image!
🕐 11-4-18 5:07 PMdalth500
Yosemite's Merced River; Sentinal Bridge View
Great shot - it must have been magnificent ! I never seem to get the timing right for the Fall colors - I suppose there is an App for that haha!
🕐 11-4-18 1:41 PMdalth500
Yosemite's Half Dome Reflected by Merced River
Wonderful work!
🕐 11-2-18 3:54 PMdalth500
Photo 100621
That time of year - I used to make Slivovitz with my Czech grandfather from plums like this. I hope you are having a wonderful autumn Yuri!!
🕐 10-30-18 3:26 PMdalth500
Photo 100610
Composite or 15mm lens? - I hope you brought your fishing rod too!!
🕐 10-17-18 8:09 PMdalth500
Photo 100543
I am even more impressed after looking at the technical details! I have a similar Micro-Nikkor 200mm 1:4 and find the DOF to be extremely narrow - at times its seems no deeper than the thickness of a sheet of paper - you have achieved the perfect focus on this composition!!! Bravo!!
🕐 10-17-18 8:04 PMdalth500
Photo 100543
Great still-life!!
🕐 09-13-18 2:07 AMdalth500
Photo - 100399
No filters (left the polarizer in Oregon) clouds were enhanced using Photoshop CS6 - the Zeiss APO was the real star on this image
🕐 07-22-18 5:29 AMdalth500
Gong Bei
Sometimes jet lag is useful like waking up at 5:30 as the sun is rising over the Pearl River Delta in Zhuhai, China. Too bad the new Intercontinental Hotel was getting in the way!
🕐 07-20-18 5:20 AMdalth500
Photo 100218
WOW - I love the concept and composition!!!
🕐 07-3-18 9:43 AMdalth500
Cod heads drying
Traditional Norwegian freeze dry technique for cod heads - after they are dry they will be finely ground. for use as a flavoring for fish soups - it is a very ingenious method! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look
🕐 07-2-18 11:11 AMdalth500
Photo - 100134
Interesting bokeh - I have this lens but have not used it much on digital bodies- Nice inspiration!
🕐 09-21-14 4:29 PMdalth500
Abandoned farm house Sherman County
Robert - Thanks for the great suggestion on off camera lighting! Next time I will pack the speed lights !!
🕐 03-2-13 12:07 PMdalth500
Gold Mine Ruins
By: jimv
Nicely done - is this in the Sierra's or somewhere else?
popflash photo

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