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🕐 01-25-15 11:31 AMpaqart
By: paqart
I think you are right. I saw the one to the left of the face, but thought it was on my monitor. I checked some other shots and found more, typically in dark, flat parts of the image. I Photoshopped them to get rid of the dots. I had the same problem with shots taken by my Otus, so it isn't the lens. I used the 'clean sensor' function on the D800 to see if that takes care of it. Thanks for pointing this out.

🕐 01-25-15 10:40 AMpaqart
By: paqart
What are "sensor dots"?
🕐 07-22-14 2:11 PMpaqart
Photo 29953
Great shot! Makes me want to go swimming (and reminds me what it was like back in the 1970's)
🕐 07-8-14 4:33 PMpaqart
Bat Shattering Swing
I agree with Torralba--totally jealous here, great shot!
🕐 04-26-14 9:39 AMpaqart
Summer Night in Norway V
For what it's worth, I like almost everything you post. Your landscapes are gorgeous.

🕐 04-22-14 4:11 PMpaqart
Wooden Pier
Gorgeous shot!
🕐 10-26-13 12:12 PMpaqart
Black bee
Amazing capture! I use a Zeiss 100mm MP for macro and consider myself lucky to get an insect in the frame, let alone with nice perspective as here.
🕐 10-19-13 9:11 AMpaqart
Frosted Coast
Where do you get these colours from? These are beautiful!
🕐 10-19-13 9:11 AMpaqart
"On The Rocks"
Another gorgeous landscape with beautiful colour. Now I'll have to see what else you've posted...
🕐 10-19-13 9:09 AMpaqart
Rolling Hills - Summer Memories
Gorgeous landscape, beautiful colour!
🕐 07-24-13 4:11 PMpaqart
Photo 28961
Beautiful shot! Please set lens info if you get a chance.
🕐 05-12-13 11:25 AMpaqart
By: paqart
The "haze" as you call it is, as far as I know, not smog or pollution of any kind. The distances are so great that ambient particles in the air, like dust, pollen, and insects, occlude very distant objects. This doesn't happen on very cold days, but in hot country you should expect this effect. As for filters, I don't think so, but there are people with more experience than me who could answer this.

🕐 05-12-13 11:22 AMpaqart
Painting in Phoenix
By: paqart
See the notes section, I've added a link to the painting.

popflash photo

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