Comments by Mark Rafter

🕐 05-8-14 9:27 AMmark
Photo 26144
By: anamis
Such a beautiful subject! The left and right sides tell different life stories, and the light captures them both equally well. Thank you for posting this great photograph!
🕐 05-6-14 3:31 PMmark
Cornered in SLO
By: mark
Hello, Ulysses. Thank you for your comments. I've added a B&W version in response to your request.
🕐 05-4-14 3:27 AMmark
Field Rhapsody...
By: palma
Wonderful color composition! This photo evokes such a desire to walk onto the landscape.
🕐 05-4-14 3:23 AMmark
Waiting For Spring To Arrive...
...and great title, too!
🕐 04-22-14 8:01 AMmark
Photo 32983
By: timw
Great springtime catch!
🕐 04-22-14 6:47 AMmark
Photo 5974
Beautiful! A great study of flight.
🕐 04-21-14 10:38 PMmark
Photo 11100
A rare view!
🕐 04-21-14 9:46 PMmark
Photo 32016
This is like a beautiful Hopper painting!
Where in the world did you find this diner?
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