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🕐 01-22-17 1:53 PMadelemb
Winter on Lostine River, Oregon
walter2 wrote:

I like the way you "tamed" the harsh light on the white snow. Good exposure!\n\n\n

Thanks, Walter. In all honesty, the light on the white snow was soft, so I did not have to do much to make it look reasonable. Thanks for taking the time to comment - I appreciate it!
🕐 01-22-17 1:51 PMadelemb
Milky Way, Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park
walter2 wrote:

A charming motive. Good harmony in colors here. Well exposed and solid composition. I like this one very much!\n\n\n

Thank you, Walter!
🕐 08-13-15 4:52 PMadelemb
Photo 34345
Love this image, Ronny. Beautiful shot.
🕐 05-6-15 8:25 AMadelemb
Photo 35659
Thanks so much, athazen1!
🕐 05-6-15 8:25 AMadelemb
Photo 35658
Thank you, athazen1!!!
🕐 05-5-15 4:31 PMadelemb
Memory of the Stones
By: stroop
This is an awesome image! Great work!
🕐 03-27-15 2:30 PMadelemb
my cat
Interesting perspective on this kitty. I like it.
🕐 03-20-15 3:22 PMadelemb
She is beautiful! Nice capture!
🕐 02-11-15 9:38 AMadelemb
Storm arriving at the Jungfrau, Switzerland
Thanks everyone! Someone asked where the image was shot. The mountain is the Jungfrau in Switzerland. The photo was taken from Murren, which is directly across the Lauterbrunnen Valley from the mountain. A wider-angle shot would also show the Eiger and Monch to the left of the Jungfrau.
🕐 02-10-15 9:15 AMadelemb
Storm arriving at the Jungfrau, Switzerland
Thank you!
🕐 02-9-15 9:31 PMadelemb
Storm arriving at the Jungfrau, Switzerland
Thanks so much!
🕐 01-5-15 3:25 PMadelemb
By: anamis
Beautiful portrait! I really love the light in this. Wonderful work.
🕐 07-26-14 8:43 PMadelemb
Eagle Owl
Awesome capture! The owl looks so intense.
🕐 07-23-14 8:21 AMadelemb
Photo 33839
Thanks! I have to admit that the air was a tad thin there.
🕐 07-22-14 7:29 PMadelemb
Photo 29953
The moment was captured beautifully in this shot. Great work.
🕐 07-22-14 6:16 PMadelemb
Photo 33840
Thank you!
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