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'On Guard'
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🕐 09-05-10 05:15jlancasterd wrote:
At the W&LLR Gala 4 September, this Stanley steam car had broken down, the dog had been left in charge and was taking her duties seriously!
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A Little TLC
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🕐 09-05-10 05:13jlancasterd wrote:
A Little TLC at the W&LLR Gala 4 September - 'Chevallier' was running a hot axle box.
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A Quiet Break
Photo by jlancasterd
🕐 09-05-10 05:02jlancasterd wrote:
'A Quiet Break' at Welshpool - W&LLR Gala 4 September
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The Station Bus
Photo by jlancasterd
🕐 09-05-10 05:00jlancasterd wrote:
'The Station Bus' at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Gala, 4 September
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