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Cabaret de la bohem.
Photo by JT
🕐 12-30-23 16:03JT wrote:
I'm so torn between this and the b&w version.

Embeded Photo
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Photo - 28165
Photo by JT
🕐 09-04-23 11:31JT wrote:
Just uploaded a higher res version of this photo and you can actually see details now. This was done in 2010 using a D3S. Not bad at all for 12 MP.
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Photo - 515185
Photo by JT
🕐 09-03-23 20:41JT wrote:
Do you remember Occupy Wall Street?

What a mess it created.
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Photo - 115781
Photo by JT
🕐 05-17-23 20:51JT wrote:
1clickbeyond wrote:
Awesome. Just a great picture in general.

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Girl with mirror
Photo by JT
🕐 04-09-23 15:57JT wrote:
So glad I don't worry about looks.
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A special glow
Photo by JT
🕐 03-10-23 18:41A2D wrote:
Love the colors
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Photo - 104053
Photo by JT
🕐 11-22-20 14:48JT wrote:
Thanks Walter.
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Photo 138804
Photo by JT
🕐 07-24-16 10:13patmediafot wrote:
Congratulations for your nice street pictures
Best regards
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Photo by JT
🕐 07-06-16 16:55terence2 wrote:
Great shot...
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Photo - 117318
Photo by JT
🕐 06-16-16 21:48terence2 wrote:
I think this a phenomenal capture
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