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🕐 06-6-19 9:30 PMwalter2
1957 Buick Roadmaster convertible
Thanks again, Terence - I am not sure about the model. It is a Oldsmobile though. I am not really an Amcar-expert or Amcar-owner myself. I just LOVE the old designs from 1948 up to about mid-sixties. Certainly the 50's and very early 60-s were the highlight of American car design (surprisingly coinciding With my own youth - I am a '48-model myself ...)!
These cars make Perfect motives when cought at the rigth time and angle.
Best regards
🕐 06-6-19 2:05 PMterence2
1957 Buick Roadmaster convertible
beautiful car,

Oldsmobile Cutlass or 442 next to it?
🕐 06-6-19 1:43 PMwalter2
Another Classic!
Thank you, Terence! I appreciate your kind comment!
I love these classics when they are shown off at Amcar meetings in Norway. I ususlly com home with 600 - 800 exposures.
🕐 06-1-19 6:39 AMterence2
Another Classic!
good ole American Muscle....

🕐 05-25-19 1:58 AMwalter2
1934 Ford TUDOR
Thank you, Terence - it's such a rar car - a 1934 mod. Ford Tudor - not many of the around any more ...!
🕐 05-23-19 6:12 AMterence2
1934 Ford TUDOR
nice shot
🕐 05-20-19 11:02 AMwalter2
Happy Cruise Night for classic Amcars
Thank you, terence2 - me too, I love old (classic) cars and boats, as they make wonderful motives to photograph!
🕐 05-15-19 3:29 PMterence2
Happy Cruise Night for classic Amcars
Love these Cars
🕐 05-6-19 2:24 PMterence2
Eye-Contact ...
Great Shot
🕐 04-26-19 5:55 AMwalter2
Classic Chevrolet Bel Air cruising by ...
Thank you, terence2 - Me too, love these oldtimers fom a time when american car design was at its best!
🕐 04-14-19 5:18 PMterence2
Classic Chevrolet Bel Air cruising by ...
Great Shot...

Love this Car
🕐 04-4-19 5:54 AMaleksolar
In the Jungle
Very nice mood and colours
🕐 02-15-19 2:31 PMphotosphere42
Veteran Cadillac 1
Nice. Looks like a 1949 caddy sedan.
🕐 01-10-19 4:12 AMhys
Cabbage Patch Kids
🕐 01-7-19 1:19 PMjtorral
Photo - 100365
Wow, there is a scene down the road from where I live which is almost the exact same one. I will need to photograph it for you.
🕐 10-6-18 2:18 AMwalter2
Cruising the streets in old style!
Thanks, Terence! I usually like the 1950'ies modell better, but this one came floating down the street in challenging light - so I nailed it!
🕐 09-27-18 2:22 PMwalter2
BUICK Roadmaster 1951-model (2)
Glad you liked it, Terence Weaver! Thank you!!
🕐 09-27-18 2:21 PMwalter2
BUICK Roadmaster 1951-model (1)
Thank you, terence2!
🕐 09-27-18 2:20 PMwalter2
Low sun gives long shadows
Thanks, Terence!
🕐 09-26-18 3:24 AMwalter2
Mrs. Duck ...?
Also to HYS - thank you for marking this image with your 'Like'!

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