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🕐 01-21-20 1:31 AMwalter2
Cobblestone Street
Terence Weaver - thank you for liking my image!
🕐 01-21-20 1:28 AMwalter2
1946 Ford V8
Thanks also to Steve Briant - for his 'Like' to this image!
🕐 01-16-20 2:28 AMwalter2
1946 Ford V8
Thank you - photosphere42 - for you 'Like' and the nice comment!
🕐 01-15-20 4:00 PMphotosphere42
1946 Ford V8
Nice image of a great car.
🕐 01-9-20 10:03 AMwalter2
Thanks, Terrence!
🕐 01-9-20 10:02 AMwalter2
"Full Speed Ahead"
Thank you both - nikkor105 and Photosphere42! I appreciate your 'likes' and comment!
🕐 12-31-19 8:20 AMphotosphere42
"Full Speed Ahead"
Very nice image!
🕐 12-20-19 6:27 AMwalter2
Across the Draw-Bridge
Across the Draw-Bridge and into the Old Town
🕐 12-16-19 9:39 AMwalter2
Walking the Streets
They are perfectly harmless, J.T. Just a bunch of locals, on their way to a Music-festival in the Old Town of Fredrikstad / Norway
By the way,Jorge - this New "Click to expand"-button Down below on the image, is a great idea. I like it, and it does it's job.
🕐 12-16-19 8:28 AMjtorral
Walking the Streets
Oh no! It looks like a gang of responsible looking people out on a hunt! Don't want to run into them at night time :)
🕐 12-11-19 1:33 PMwalter2
Oldsmobile - Third Generation (?) 1948-1953 ? Anybody?
Thank you, Terence - for the 'Like' to this image.
🕐 12-6-19 11:09 AMwalter2
Ford EDSEL - "Babes-Magnet" ...?
Thank you for the 'Like' Terence!
🕐 12-3-19 8:07 AMjtorral
Wild Norwegian Coast - Remake of old Image
Gorgeous picture. Love the mood and tones.
🕐 08-21-19 1:13 PMwalter2
Not really polished ....!
I Guess the rather rough patina is good enough to go?
Thanks for the comment and the 'Like' - Jerry and Terrence!
🕐 08-21-19 10:47 AMphotosphere42
Not really polished ....!
Doesn't really need it!
🕐 08-18-19 7:59 AMwalter2
Step out into nothing ...
Thank you, Luka!
🕐 08-18-19 4:47 AMakul
Step out into nothing ...
Walter. This is a super shot! Great timing and composition.
🕐 08-17-19 5:41 AMwalter2
Cold Morning = Sea Smoke On The Water
Thank you for your kind words, Aleksander. I alway lov fog in any season and time of day. It takes away many of the otherwise disturbing details ....
🕐 08-17-19 5:39 AMwalter2
Sunset 'n fog
Thanks Aleksander - it was a rather special day i November (many, many moons ago!) when heavy fog driftet up the big river below. So thick and heavy fog, it blanketed out the sun to be able to shoot strat at the sun.
🕐 08-17-19 5:37 AMwalter2
In the Jungle
Thankls for the like and your kind comments about this - and other - image(s). Yes, I had a rather romantic look at nature then - almost 9 years ago ...
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