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🕐 10-25-20 2:16 AMwalter2
Panning a truck @ 1/60" and f/4 in failing light
Thanks to you, Terence Weaver - for liking mye image. B.T.W, this Ford F250 is older than me - from 1956 ...! :o)
🕐 10-21-20 6:34 PMwalter2
Again - thank you for the 'Like' to this one, Terence Weaver!!
BTW - this car is 2 years younger than me, and it's in much better shape! ;o)
🕐 10-21-20 3:20 PMterence2
love the old cars.

Nice image
🕐 10-21-20 11:13 AMwalter2
My grandson in the Royal Norwegian Guards
Thank you, chriseeo!! :o)
🕐 10-5-20 9:08 AMwalter2
Panning 1/50" - 1954 Chevrolet 210
Thank you, Terence!
I guess it's rather easy to like this kind of images - if one loves Old Classic Cars - as I do ...
Best regards,
B.T.W.: The whole point of this image is that it has been panned with only 1/50" Exposure Time in failing evening-light
F Number : 5.6
Exposure Program : Aperture-priority AE
ISO : 2000
🕐 09-28-20 11:28 PMwalter2
"The Punisher" - 72 Pontiac Leman
Thank's Terence Weaver - for the "Thump Up" to this one, as well - sleek ride!!
🕐 09-20-20 10:14 AMwalter2
1954 FORD Crestline Skyliner
Yes, I know - the present (Burger King) and the Past in harmony - that'd just how it is nowadays ... but somehow fitting, American Classic in front of an American Burger-restaurant - even if it's not the same era ...! :o)
Thanks for the 'Like' anyway - there will be more of Classic Cars to come. My new photo-motives. After beeing diagnosed with heart-trouble, I can no longer take long trips in nature for landscape-shots - now I just stand on the corner and let the motives come to me ...
Be safe! :o)
🕐 09-19-20 6:49 AMterence2
1954 FORD Crestline Skyliner
Nice capture.

Burger King and this car are from 2 different eras.

Ok, Walter I confess most classic cars will get you a like.

🕐 09-18-20 4:30 AMwalter2
Speed ...(with panning)
Thank you, Terence Weaver, for the 'Like' to this Cadillac entering the picture frame ...! :o)
🕐 09-17-20 2:06 PMwalter2
Social Distancing ...the New "Thing" ...
Well, thank you, Jorge - I appreciate you taking time to comment here! I love a sun low on the horizon, which gives the image a special feel.
🕐 09-17-20 11:10 AMjtorral
Social Distancing ...the New "Thing" ...
I like the lighting on this. All the blonds have a glow around their heads :)
🕐 09-16-20 2:26 AMwalter2
How To Catch The Light
Thank you, Hys, paquart and Jtorral - for the 'Likes' to this old image!!
🕐 09-16-20 2:20 AMwalter2
Panning a Jack Russel Dog, driving by
Thank's also to Robert for the 'Like' to this image! :o)
🕐 09-2-20 12:45 AMwalter2
Panning a Jack Russel Dog, driving by
Thank's Terence Weaver for the 'Like' to this image of the Jack Russel Dog! :o)
🕐 08-31-20 4:53 AMwalter2
Panning a Jack Russel Dog, driving by
Panning handheld at 1/50" and eith wide open aperture (f/4) on my 70-200mm-zoom gives very little leeway for mistakes ...! :o)
🕐 07-22-20 6:16 AMwalter2
1956 FORD F250 with admiring woman!!
Thanks, Terence! I like it too - it has some "story" to it, and I like the way she looks at the "oldtimer" and the grin on the lady's face ...
🕐 07-21-20 7:04 AMterence2
1956 FORD F250 with admiring woman!!
great image
🕐 07-20-20 3:20 PMwalter2
1946 FORD SEDAN (in front)
Thank you, Terence for your 'Like'!
🕐 07-19-20 10:48 AMwalter2
1950 Chevrolet Styleline 4-doors DeLux
Appreciate the 'Like' to this image, Terence Weaver!
🕐 07-19-20 10:47 AMwalter2
1946 FORD SEDAN (in front)
Thank you, yuriylux!
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