Comments for Walter Schoeffthaler

🕐 08-18-19 7:59 AMwalter2
Step out into nothing ...
Thank you, Luka!
🕐 08-18-19 4:47 AMakul
Step out into nothing ...
Walter. This is a super shot! Great timing and composition.
🕐 08-17-19 5:41 AMwalter2
Cold Morning = Sea Smoke On The Water
Thank you for your kind words, Aleksander. I alway lov fog in any season and time of day. It takes away many of the otherwise disturbing details ....
🕐 08-17-19 5:39 AMwalter2
Sunset 'n fog
Thanks Aleksander - it was a rather special day i November (many, many moons ago!) when heavy fog driftet up the big river below. So thick and heavy fog, it blanketed out the sun to be able to shoot strat at the sun.
🕐 08-17-19 5:37 AMwalter2
In the Jungle
Thankls for the like and your kind comments about this - and other - image(s). Yes, I had a rather romantic look at nature then - almost 9 years ago ...
🕐 08-17-19 5:35 AMwalter2
Chevrolet ...
Thank you for liking my image of these classic American cars - which, quite obviously I too am fond of. I don't OWE one of these - far too petrol-guzzling and expensive to run - but I like the harmony in their bodies.
🕐 08-16-19 1:16 AMwalter2
Thank's for the 'Like' Terence!
🕐 08-14-19 2:55 AMaleksolar
In the Jungle
This is my world. Beauty of colors. Congrats!
🕐 08-14-19 2:54 AMaleksolar
Sunset 'n fog
Just sit on the bench and admire...
🕐 08-14-19 2:46 AMaleksolar
Cold Morning = Sea Smoke On The Water
" In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!" - M.M. ─░ldan
🕐 08-14-19 2:43 AMaleksolar
Sundown On The Coast
"Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting." - R.P. Evans
🕐 08-5-19 7:13 AMwalter2
Contrasts ...
Thank you very much, Terence Weaver - I am glad I touched a nerve there. Myself, I like most of all the cars from the late 50'is to early 60'is - I guess it's a personal feeling - beeing a 48'-model myself ...!
🕐 08-5-19 7:09 AMwalter2
BUICK Eight - Dyna Flow
Thank you, Terence - for the 'Like' to this image!
🕐 08-3-19 8:21 AMterence2
Contrasts ...
I am a Mustang guy this speaks to me.

Nice shot
🕐 07-24-19 6:14 AMwalter2
Power unde the hood!
Thank's for the 'Like' to this image, Terence !
Best regards,
🕐 07-24-19 6:13 AMwalter2
Enter Paradise!
Thank you, Terence and Yuriy for the 'Likes' to this image!
Best regards,
🕐 07-9-19 12:24 PMwalter2
"All in Blue"!
Thank you, jtorral for your 'Like' to this image!
🕐 07-7-19 2:51 PMwalter2
Buick and Pontiac - 2 Classic Cars meet
Thank you for the 'Like' - terence2!
I just love the old, classics from the 50's an 60's
🕐 06-6-19 9:30 PMwalter2
1957 Buick Roadmaster convertible
Thanks again, Terence - I am not sure about the model. It is a Oldsmobile though. I am not really an Amcar-expert or Amcar-owner myself. I just LOVE the old designs from 1948 up to about mid-sixties. Certainly the 50's and very early 60-s were the highlight of American car design (surprisingly coinciding With my own youth - I am a '48-model myself ...)!
These cars make Perfect motives when cought at the rigth time and angle.
Best regards
🕐 06-6-19 2:05 PMterence2
1957 Buick Roadmaster convertible
beautiful car,

Oldsmobile Cutlass or 442 next to it?

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