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🕐 02-15-20 6:03 PMwalter2
1946 Ford V8
Thank you, Terrrence for Your 'Like' as well! Almost did not see Your mark ..
🕐 02-15-20 6:00 PMwalter2
At my homeplace II
Terence, I want to thank you for the 'Like' to this image, as well! Much obliged ...
🕐 02-15-20 5:59 PMwalter2
1952 modell Chevrolet going down the Street
Thank you, Terence - for the 'Like' to this image!
🕐 01-30-20 10:13 AMwalter2
Corvette? Anybody know this car?
Thanks for the 'Like' and useful information about the model!
Best regards from Norway!
🕐 01-30-20 6:25 AMterence2
Corvette? Anybody know this car?
79 -82 corvette stingray. my guess is a 1980

Third generation C3

nice shot....
🕐 01-24-20 9:30 AMphotosphere42
Fog in the Harbour
Very nice Walt.
🕐 01-24-20 2:09 AMwalter2
Mercury Monterey on the Move ...!
Thank you, T.W. - as always, you are about the only one appreciate images like this. Good someone is frequenting this great (but sadly, missunderstood) site!!
Best regards from Norway

P.S.: Even tough I am seldom in here, since I've switched to another brand (FujiFilm) 5 years ago - but I try to keep up with some new images, in between - most of the old images -re-edited.
🕐 01-23-20 10:31 AMwalter2
Fog in the Harbour
Thank you, Terence!
🕐 01-21-20 1:31 AMwalter2
Cobblestone Street
Terence Weaver - thank you for liking my image!
🕐 01-21-20 1:28 AMwalter2
1946 Ford V8
Thanks also to Steve Briant - for his 'Like' to this image!
🕐 01-16-20 2:28 AMwalter2
1946 Ford V8
Thank you - photosphere42 - for you 'Like' and the nice comment!
🕐 01-15-20 4:00 PMphotosphere42
1946 Ford V8
Nice image of a great car.
🕐 01-9-20 10:03 AMwalter2
Thanks, Terrence!
🕐 01-9-20 10:02 AMwalter2
"Full Speed Ahead"
Thank you both - nikkor105 and Photosphere42! I appreciate your 'likes' and comment!
🕐 12-31-19 8:20 AMphotosphere42
"Full Speed Ahead"
Very nice image!
🕐 12-20-19 6:27 AMwalter2
Across the Draw-Bridge
Across the Draw-Bridge and into the Old Town
🕐 12-16-19 9:39 AMwalter2
Walking the Streets
They are perfectly harmless, J.T. Just a bunch of locals, on their way to a Music-festival in the Old Town of Fredrikstad / Norway
By the way,Jorge - this New "Click to expand"-button Down below on the image, is a great idea. I like it, and it does it's job.
🕐 12-16-19 8:28 AMjtorral
Walking the Streets
Oh no! It looks like a gang of responsible looking people out on a hunt! Don't want to run into them at night time :)
🕐 12-11-19 1:33 PMwalter2
Oldsmobile - Third Generation (?) 1948-1953 ? Anybody?
Thank you, Terence - for the 'Like' to this image.
🕐 12-6-19 11:09 AMwalter2
Ford EDSEL - "Babes-Magnet" ...?
Thank you for the 'Like' Terence!
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