Comments for Tom Roland

🕐 05-18-13 12:39 PMjtorral
Aurora polaris
Simply amazing! This is gorgeous!
🕐 11-14-11 9:44 AMgundhus
Northern Lights
Hei Tom!
Et fantastisk Nordlys bilde, sammen med den oransje horisonten, blir dette en innertier!
🕐 11-10-11 5:17 AMshtarka1
Aurora polaris
🕐 08-9-11 5:10 AMjean-ber52
Northern Lights
j' ai rarement vu une si belle photo d' aurore boréale , vraiment j' en suis totalement jaloux , mais cela vaut mieux que ce soit toi, l' heureux élu .
🕐 08-9-11 2:08 AMjameskhoo
Northern Lights
this is a great..out of the world
🕐 08-8-11 10:08 PMsigersted
Northern Lights
Uff! Very nice capture of the northern lights!

From Denmark I can only get pictures like this:

From where in Scandinavia was the image taken?
🕐 03-30-11 11:41 AMivanthedude
Aurora polaris
🕐 01-23-11 3:47 AMbrianbryan
Night Light
aurora borealis . . ? Meget bra!
🕐 01-23-11 1:13 AMmartin14916
Night Light
amazing image. i like it
🕐 01-22-11 9:07 PMkiahuna80
Night Light
A truly outstanding image!
🕐 01-22-11 8:06 PMkanuck
Night Light
Wow this really is amazing one of the best shots I've seen on this site. I saved this photo to look at in the future.
🕐 01-2-11 7:55 AMjamal.f
Northern Lights
Just beautiful. Where was this shot?
🕐 01-2-11 7:07 AMsa.ferrao
Northern Lights
brilliant. thanks for sharing.
🕐 01-1-11 12:05 AMrdan
Northern Lights
Great images, great Job, well done
🕐 12-31-10 1:49 PMacp
Northern Lights
Amazing image!
🕐 12-31-10 1:40 PMniki rodriguez
Northern Lights
incredible images,, thanks.....
🕐 12-31-10 1:34 PMbobk
Northern Lights
Fantastic photo. Just being there to see it would be wonderful enough, but to capture it on camera is out of this world. Im green with envy
🕐 12-31-10 1:28 PMniki rodriguez
Night Light
the best aureola i have seen.. great composition, light and exposure..
🕐 12-31-10 1:26 PMniki rodriguez
Northern Lights

so beautiful.. great image.. 10,10,10
🕐 12-4-10 4:59 PMakemi-n
Northern Lights
Gorgeous! Technically and aesthetically perfect! Than you for sharing.

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