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🕐 04-1-14 5:10 AMivanthedude
A man and his iPhone
🕐 07-26-13 2:10 PMloosbroos
Photo 6115
stunning shot - love the composition and the edges blending to black - powerful imaging
🕐 03-20-12 2:39 PMmiked700
Ferry @ Het Bosch
FA actually.
🕐 03-16-12 2:01 AMyuriylux
Photo 23626
A good way!
🕐 03-15-12 1:04 PMmiked700
Photo 23625
The art on the wall is not bad either...
🕐 03-15-12 1:03 PMmiked700
Photo 23626
That 24 has some real character!
🕐 03-2-12 11:54 AMmiked700
The artist and his art
Sorry for the sloppy scan. f2.0, Tri-X, Rob Regeer.
🕐 12-20-11 12:41 PMmiked700
Thanks again Mark! See my comments on the previous carpark image...
🕐 12-20-11 12:39 PMmiked700
Düsseldorf I
A special place (for us both; I mean my girlfriend/wife to be and me). I waited a bit for the light and the composition to be as I wanted.

It actually was an FA, but that one still isn't in the menu... :-(
🕐 12-20-11 12:37 PMmiked700
Thanks Mark! They're lovely people and I think they feel something for each other. They deny that of course.

That Makro-Planar is something else. So much nicer than the 1.4/50G AF-S I had briefly. Difficult to focus correctly though; dof at close range, even with f4 is very thin with a 50...
🕐 12-20-11 12:33 PMmiked700
My Time has come
26, 30, who cares... :-)
🕐 12-20-11 12:33 PMmiked700
My Time has come
An almost heartbreaking change from handmade custom steel frames after over 30 years...
🕐 12-20-11 12:31 PMmiked700
Dirk II
Thanks Mark. Part of my experimental series (switched to the 2.0/85 now, to simplify matters) of getting up close and do partial shots, at full bore and with Tri-X.

Very very hard to find subject matter; that roll of Tri-X has been in my FM2n for well over 4 months now, and still not finished. We'll see.
🕐 12-20-11 12:28 PMmiked700
Yeah that glow really is something, and so is Okke. Some would say he has lost a few marbles along the way (he's about my age; 59), but he's a sweet guy, who always tells me he dreamt about me... in a very solemn voice as well.
🕐 12-20-11 12:26 PMmiked700
Thanks Mark. I wasn't too happy with the b&w conversion. Too muddy, and increasing contrast resulted in this. Well..

Still, composition, expression, all as I intended.
🕐 12-20-11 6:51 AMshtarka1
🕐 12-20-11 6:50 AMshtarka1
Nice glow!
🕐 12-20-11 6:49 AMshtarka1
Dirk II
Nice Frame & Comp!
🕐 12-20-11 6:49 AMshtarka1
My Time has come
🕐 12-20-11 6:47 AMshtarka1
Roberts 953 framed bike
Sweet Ride!
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