Comments for Bob Turner

🕐 01-24-11 3:03 PMyuris
Photo 9310
Great photo.
🕐 01-23-11 7:45 AMsigersted
Photo 9337
Hi bobpturner

Very nice capture. ISO 200 12mm and no white-out. The F/10 has properly something to do with it. I'm was thinking of purchasing this lens; well not any more. Now I'm sure. I have to have this lens!

As for composure: The big "stick" on the right the image could properly do without. Too bad a bit of his shoe has been cut.

Good clarity, good colours, good subject in an interesting situation.
Again: Very nice capture.

🕐 01-17-11 10:34 AMcab honduras
Photo 9314
perfect shot, i specially like the reflection of the fisherman on the water, also the red coat is very eye catching overall the composition is fantastic in my humble opinion.
🕐 01-17-11 10:30 AMcab honduras
Photo 9315
really nice!
🕐 01-13-11 12:44 PMroyston
Photo 9322
This shows how a photo can be made by being aware of your surroundings - well composed.
🕐 01-8-11 8:43 AMmiked700
Photo 9314
Impressive! Love the colours!
🕐 01-8-11 8:16 AMniki rodriguez
Photo 9314
very good
🕐 01-8-11 8:15 AMniki rodriguez
Photo 9317
wowww.. nice composition, light, balance... good work Bob
🕐 01-8-11 8:14 AMniki rodriguez
Photo 9311
great shot.. veru good
🕐 01-7-11 3:29 PMmiked700
Photo 9333
Good shot; like it; good composition and lovely b&w conversion. Shows what you can do with the D200; should never have sold mine.
🕐 01-5-11 1:48 PMmiked700
Photo 8691
Wow! What a capture!

🕐 01-1-11 10:22 AMshtarka1
Photo 8677
Very Nice!
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