Comments for Michael

🕐 02-28-17 4:10 AMwalter2
Photo 41848
By: mike
Very nice interior of X - What is this? An old Court-Room?
🕐 06-26-16 6:51 PMterence2
May flower
By: mike

Well done
🕐 08-28-13 9:24 AMjtorral
Barn on the Firestone farm Greenfield Village
By: mike
Very nice. I like the lighting and the effects of the distortion.
🕐 08-17-13 5:16 AMwfzd
Lighthouse at Holland on Lake Michigan
By: mike
Love this shot!
The bright red lighthouse and sloop,
with maybe a 140 jib?
This is the way life is suppose to be.
🕐 04-14-13 2:25 AMwalter2
Stormy sunrise
By: mike
Beautiful scene with great light and very good texture on the waves. I would crop the top 1/5th of the clouds.
🕐 04-14-13 12:15 AMyuriylux
Stormy sunrise
By: mike
Beautiful seascape!
🕐 08-28-11 10:54 PMjhung713
By: mike
Great Shot
🕐 08-28-11 4:37 PMshtarka1
By: mike
Super Shot!
🕐 08-16-11 8:41 PMchuckn
By: mike
Really neat shot!
🕐 07-10-11 4:53 PMjean-ber52
1858 Rogers a 4-4-0 wood-burner
By: mike
Bravo Michael, magnifique photo
🕐 04-3-11 11:42 PMrdan
Boeing P-26A Air Force Museum
By: mike
Boeing P-26 Pea Shooter -- Nice !
🕐 03-21-11 3:25 PMivanthedude
Great Gallery Toledo Museum of Art
By: mike
🕐 01-1-11 6:54 PMmcliu
Photo 8752
By: mike
very unusual cloud formation as they are radiate through the church.. Like the shot
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