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🕐 08-20-17 2:24 AMwalter2
Two Pear
The best ever Still Life image in a long, long time - here at anyway. Masterly use of light brings out the very best such as the smooth and sleek skin of the fruit. Sharpness, contrast and format to suit the motive. Well composed and an exciting image.
Well done, Northwestdavid!

P.S.: Is this a mirrow you have there or just some plastic foil ... or mey be metal? I see som minute scratches in the shadow area. Tghis does not impair the picture, Just curiosity on my behalve.

Maximum rating - 10 points from me - and I expect this image to become a member of the Hall of Fame - Do you hear, Jorge!
🕐 06-23-16 5:35 PMterence2
Japanese Red Leaf Maple Detail
amazing colors
🕐 04-2-15 4:22 PMphotosphere42
Photo 10408
Nice image!
🕐 10-26-13 12:12 PMpaqart
Black bee
Amazing capture! I use a Zeiss 100mm MP for macro and consider myself lucky to get an insect in the frame, let alone with nice perspective as here.
🕐 10-24-13 10:59 AMnorthwestdavid
Japanese Maple Golden Full Moon
Merci pour les commentaires et complimets jean-ber52
🕐 10-24-13 10:56 AMnorthwestdavid
Japanese Maple with Sunburst
merci pour le complement jean-ber52
🕐 10-24-13 12:28 AMjean-ber52
Japanese Maple Golden Full Moon
Une serie d' images Magnifique , je suis agréablement surpris par la qualité du 28/300mm de Nikon , BRAVO encore David
🕐 10-24-13 12:23 AMjean-ber52
Japanese Maple with Sunburst
image remarquable BRAVO David
🕐 10-23-13 3:16 PMnorthwestdavid
Japanese Maple with Sunburst
Thanks vexen
🕐 10-23-13 2:50 PMvexen
Japanese Maple with Sunburst
🕐 10-23-13 11:53 AMnorthwestdavid
Japanese Maple with Sunburst
Thanks peaceshooter
🕐 10-23-13 5:18 AMphilcousins
Excellent shot with a very nice background
🕐 10-23-13 3:11 AMwalter2
Very good!
🕐 11-2-11 10:12 AMnorthwestdavid
Storm Comming
Thank you for the compliments.
🕐 11-2-11 10:09 AMnorthwestdavid
Impatient Virgin?
Hi everyone, Thanks for the compliments. This was a hand held shot. Panning is my "thing" after thousands of shots I am getting some keepers.
🕐 11-2-11 12:55 AMhr flick
Impatient Virgin?
very nice shot indeed
🕐 10-22-11 1:16 PMnorthwestdavid
Snow Goose Commotion
Thanks to both of you for the nice comments
🕐 10-22-11 12:58 PMlarsf
Snow Goose Commotion
Very nice photo, like the "chaos" of birds
🕐 10-16-11 10:53 PMdonuss
Snow Goose Commotion
Beautiful composition and moment like this
🕐 06-15-11 4:32 PMhoward
Impatient Virgin?
Nice shot, especially considering that your shutter speed is rather slow for this fast-moving P-51. Well done.
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