Comments for Yuriy Kruzhnov

🕐 11-14-19 12:18 PMphotosphere42
Photo 101814
Nice image.
🕐 10-9-19 1:39 AMrbfresno
Photo 101725
Nice image!
🕐 10-9-19 1:39 AMrbfresno
Photo 101725
Nice image!
🕐 10-9-19 1:38 AMrbfresno
Photo 101725
Nice image!
🕐 09-17-19 3:23 PMterence2
Photo 101725
nice bokeh....
🕐 09-7-19 3:09 PMphotosphere42
Photo 101708
Great image!
🕐 05-30-19 6:51 PMterence2
Photo 101244
wonderful colors.....
🕐 05-30-19 11:22 AMwalter2
Photo 101244
Very good photo, Yuriy! Lovely light, amazing colors and what Dynamic in the flowers - plus the creamy Bokeh in the background !!
🕐 05-20-19 11:00 AMwalter2
Photo 101190
Lovely, smooth Bokeh, Yuriy!
What lens did you use here to get this shallow DOF?
🕐 05-16-19 5:07 AMterence2
Photo 101190
nice image
🕐 05-16-19 5:06 AMterence2
Photo 101177
great shot
🕐 05-15-19 10:55 AMphotosphere42
Photo 101177
Great image. Got to love the D3!
🕐 05-7-19 2:37 AMmicpic069
Photo 101146
Photographs in the " Still Life " Genre can be a demanding art to master, but you show the same compositional sensibilities at which you excel in your " Landscape" work.
The bokeh of the `Zeiss Milvius is very pleasing to my eye and the whole picture simply " works" for me.
Bravo ...Yuri
🕐 04-8-19 10:34 PMdalth500
Photo 101038
Still too cold for the honeybees to be active in this part of the world. I cannot detect any chromatic aberration or color fringing from this superb image!! Great work Sir!
🕐 04-1-19 2:22 PMallmetro
Photo 101028
I like this lens.
🕐 03-22-19 5:46 AMmicpic069
Photo: 101004
You have captured a wonderful sense of the expansive prospect, here.
Even the ducks seem content ,the squalls blowing across the water giving sense of the weather and creating some visual interest in the middle distance.
Tremendous clarity with this classic Nikon lens, I presume it is a photomerge from vertical frames.
🕐 03-13-19 8:52 AMphotosphere42
Photo - 100985
I agree!
🕐 03-10-19 1:04 AMmicpic069
Photo - 100985
Yuri, I like how the limited depth of field from the macro lens combines with the neutral colour tones in the background to give full value to the colour of the berries.
The strong aesthetic in your work always draws me to it.
🕐 02-19-19 6:56 AMyuriylux
Photo 100921
Ian, thanks for you comment!
🕐 02-18-19 6:46 AMmicpic069
Photo 100921
Yuri, I straightaway liked the direct involvement with the subject, you have captured a powerful portrait effectively isolated from background with great textural rendering and most importantly captured that expression ....suspicion.. slight hostility...maybe you chatted and dispelled any concerns.
was he a Chimey Sweep ?....amazed at quality with it being shot at 1/40 sec...the VR must be very effective.

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