Comments for Ian Snowdon

🕐 05-30-11 5:32 PMricardsonwilliams
A (peeling)
great shot!
🕐 05-29-11 11:39 AMmrbiglens
A (peeling)
This is great- lots of texture, different elements (wood, steel) and a look that only weathering can make. Makes the viewer want to touch the image.

a door?
🕐 05-29-11 10:09 AMfineartdigital
A (peeling)
Amazing -- would love to see it in B&W :)
🕐 05-28-11 9:07 PMjtorral
A (peeling)
Double wow. I can almost feel the texture! Wonderful.
🕐 05-28-11 5:28 PMmcliu
A (peeling)
Wow.. very well composed and texture too has came out great
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