Comments for Christiaan Cruz

🕐 04-25-16 8:59 PMfe2cruz
FG, my last Nikon Film Camera still standing
I'm surprised this economy camera body sparked some interest. I know the e -series lenses are awesome for value and convenience, but the FG always seemed to look cooler than it's actual cheap build. It was always my back up and I never put many rolls or the motordrive on it often.
🕐 04-24-16 6:57 PMjtorral
FG, my last Nikon Film Camera still standing
Wow. I have not seen one of these in ages!
🕐 09-27-11 1:15 AMnursealicia
full moon of orange county
🕐 09-24-11 11:43 PMjtorral
egg's fam
Nice moment captured. I am guessing a 35 :)
popflash photo
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