Comments for Dimo Grozev

🕐 12-1-11 10:12 AMchiphead
Hungry Milan :)
ISO 400
f 3.1
Capture NX2
🕐 04-17-11 11:07 AMchiphead
mom with baby - what's going on here?
TY , Zeiss Man !
🕐 04-17-11 10:35 AMjtorral
mom with baby - what's going on here?
Nice and sharp. Nice bokeh too. I need to look into this lens. Looks promising.
🕐 04-17-11 3:22 AMchiphead
Tsvetnitsa (Palm Sunday)
In Bulgaria Palm Sunday is known as Tsvetnitsa. People with flower-related names, (for example Tzviatko, Margarita, Lilia, Violeta, Yavor, Zdravko, Zjumbjul, Nevena, Temenuzhka, etc.) celebrate this day as their name day.
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