Comments for Stephane Michaux

🕐 07-22-16 2:42 PMnikon_sam
Light up the Dark
Very everything about this...
🕐 10-11-14 10:25 PMdigital-ikon
Nice portrait, lights and tones.
🕐 10-11-14 5:27 PMsmoke32408
Beautiful balance of light and texture.
🕐 07-26-13 11:53 AMloosbroos
The Pond
@torralba - more of what? - his photos or the girl?!
🕐 11-6-11 6:14 PMjtorral
The Pond
This is wonderful. I love what you have done in your pictures with the body decoration. Lighting is superb as well. Would love to see more.
🕐 06-7-11 10:14 AMkarim9010
The Pond
🕐 05-18-11 3:12 PMjtorral
Light up the Dark
Would like to see other photos with the same model.
🕐 05-17-11 3:15 AMstigkk
Light up the Dark
Very clever and beautifully executed!
🕐 05-16-11 5:10 PMmcliu
love this shot for its originality and creative thinking
🕐 05-16-11 5:09 PMmcliu
Light up the Dark
very professional approach towards the subject.. Great concept and very original
🕐 05-16-11 9:42 AMjtorral
Light up the Dark
Wonderful creative approach. The colors and tone are superb!
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