Comments for Jason

🕐 11-18-14 10:45 AMroc97007
I love that!
🕐 08-7-14 6:15 AMathazen1
Beautiful Capture!
🕐 03-23-12 4:41 AMathazen1
Great Shot!
🕐 02-6-12 7:17 AMblack knight
Snowy Owl
Great Snowy capture Jason
were did you find her ?
🕐 02-5-12 5:50
Mute Swan
Excellent capture and detail.
🕐 02-3-12 5:59 AMdkamp
Male Hooded Merganser
Beautiful! Very striking photo.
🕐 01-31-12 3:02
Winter Junco
Beautiful capture !
🕐 01-18-12 4:14 AMicee
House Wren
Nice capture of a hard to get bird.
🕐 12-10-11 9:59 PMcarolann
Stunning; wonderful tones and detail!
🕐 12-10-11 9:58 PMcarolann
Male Hooded Merganser
So well done; wonderful design in a simple format!
🕐 11-28-11 12:16 PMleroy
Pheasant Rooster
You sure are having fun with those long lenses! I'm jealous! :)
🕐 11-10-11 5:30 AMchriseeo
Male Hooded Merganser
Just beautiful.
🕐 10-30-11 6:17 PMjasonbgnh
Young Bull Moose
Thank you very much guys. I set up in a spot with a lot of Moose sign and tracks with about 45 min until sundown and this guy, I figure a 1 year old, came trotting out.

I always appreciate any comments and even more critique as I am still learning, so thank you again.
🕐 10-29-11 7:24 PMmcliu
Young Bull Moose
Fabulous shot.. I am inspired
🕐 10-29-11 9:00 AMyuriylux
Young Bull Moose
The picture worthy of the lens!
🕐 09-14-11 7:38 AMharmondo
What makes a good photo great? Main subject colors, textures and background elements that support and mirror the main subject. This is example of all elements
Working together. Sometimes planned, sometimes luck.
Edited and selected with skill.
🕐 09-14-11 7:09 AMkanuck
Beautiful! Nice clarity and what a lens! Great work :)
🕐 09-13-11 7:05 PMjasonbgnh
Female Cardinal
Thank you very much Harmondo, that makes my day. I am trying to get better all the time.
🕐 09-13-11 6:20 AMharmondo
Female Cardinal
Your bird photography is inspiring! The best I've seen.
🕐 09-13-11 6:10 AMharmondo
popflash photo
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