Comments for Martin Damboldt

🕐 04-11-17 6:56 PMakemi-n
Very nice image; well done!

Best regards,
🕐 02-3-16 3:28 PMjean-ber52
SUPERBE ├ęclairage BRAVO Martind
🕐 08-6-14 5:48 AMshtarka1
shake it well
🕐 06-2-14 2:53 PMchriseeo
Airport Escalator
Well done. Super colours.
🕐 10-17-13 10:54 AMchriseeo
A very good picture.
🕐 08-31-11 11:24 PMmartind
shake it well
@ J Torralba: This image is nearly out of cam, I just added a little more black in Lightroom. - That's it. - No Photoshop.
🕐 08-31-11 6:38 PMjtorral
shake it well
This cracks me up. Did you photoshop those eyes? It's hilarious. I love it!
🕐 08-22-11 10:55 AMhafelina
Airport Escalator
🕐 08-22-11 5:38 AMfarloco
Airport Escalator
I did one like this in Denver Colorado (USA) airport. See it in the farloco collection. Nice job!
🕐 08-22-11 5:26 AMkanuck
Airport Escalator
Amazing motion blur and use of availble light fantastic!
🕐 08-22-11 5:24 AMkanuck
What a stunning shot! Nice tones and clarity make this really stand out! :)

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