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🕐 03-12-18 5:41 AMbaraboowilli
Vintage Green Buick
Walter2 - Thank you for the "like." The annual car show in Iola, Wisconsin has over 2,000 classic cars. Lots of opportunities for great photos.
🕐 03-11-18 7:43 PMbaraboowilli
Vintage Green Buick
Inanthedude - Thank you so much for the "like." Sorry for the slow response.
🕐 02-13-18 6:55 PMbaraboowilli
Kona Streetscape 2
Thanks again, hys. It is February in the Great Lakes. I would rather be in Kona again!
🕐 02-13-18 6:53 PMbaraboowilli
Vintage Green Buick
hys - Thanks for the "like." New cars are wonderful engineering feats. Old cars are beautiful pieces of sculpture.
🕐 08-11-17 11:43 AMwalter2
Sunburst Sunflower2
Yes, barabooville - my father han an old Zeiss-camera with a bellow between the camera and the lens (I think they called it folding camera), and he said that hard sunlight might burn a hole into the bellow! No more bellows now a days - and I LOVE backlit pictures ever since.
Best regards,
🕐 08-10-17 1:52 PMbaraboowilli
Sunburst Sunflower2
Thank you, walter2, for your review and comment. I remember you once commenting that your father told you not to shoot into the sun, so you had to try shooting into the sun. Sometimes it works! baraboowilli
🕐 08-10-17 10:47 AMwalter2
Sunburst Sunflower2
It is - after all - called the "SUNFLOWER". Good and a bit daring exposure, Baraboowill - with the sun straight into your lens! But you have pulled it off!
🕐 08-9-17 11:34 PMyuriylux
Storm Clouds Over de Chelly
Canyon, really stunning! I dream to visit him someday.
🕐 08-9-17 6:26 PMbaraboowilli
Storm Clouds Over de Chelly
yuriylux, Thank you again for another "like." Beautiful place but terrible weather. Hope to go back when it is drier. baraboowilli
🕐 08-9-17 6:24 PMbaraboowilli
Corkscrew Cedar
yuriylux, Thank you so much for the like. I admire the tenacity of a tree that can survive while growing on a rock. baraboowilli
🕐 08-9-17 6:19 PMbaraboowilli
Blond with Yellow Flowers
torralba, Thank you for the "like." baraboowilli
🕐 08-9-17 11:57 AMbaraboowilli
Mstangs At The Ready
torralba - I agree, Mustangs rule! Thanks for the "like." baraboowilli
🕐 08-9-17 7:24 AMjtorral
Mstangs At The Ready
Most beautiful plane ever made!
🕐 08-6-17 6:36 AMhys
Minnesota Redhead 3
:) :) :) !
🕐 08-6-17 6:08 AMbaraboowilli
Minnesota Redhead 3
hys, thank you for the like. Also, sorry that I didn't notice that my autocorrect changed you name to "has" in the previous postings. baraboowilli
🕐 08-6-17 6:04 AMbaraboowilli
Thank you Walter2 and hys for the like. I happen to know this clown. Both of her parents are also clowns and they live in my home town. baraboowilli
🕐 08-6-17 5:57 AMbaraboowilli
Girl Clowns
Thank you Walter2 and has for the likes. Clowns are great posers. baraboowilli
🕐 08-6-17 5:53 AMbaraboowilli
Mstangs At The Ready
Thank you photosphere42 and has for the likes. AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is an annual trip for me. baraboowilli
🕐 08-6-17 5:43 AMbaraboowilli
Mstangs At The Ready
Photosphere42 - Thanks for your kind comment. I always enjoy seeing the old warbirds. baraboowilli
🕐 08-6-17 5:15 AMphotosphere42
Mstangs At The Ready
Nice image.
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