Comments for Vic

🕐 07-16-19 8:41 AMphotosphere42
Photo 101531
Nice image.
🕐 09-4-18 11:00 AMrbfresno
US Open of Surf -Addriano
Excellent Surfing shot.
🕐 06-3-18 10:39 PMjtorral
Joshua Tree andd the Elephant Arch
Wow. I can only imagine how you must have felt that evening out there. What a magical looking place. great shot!
🕐 04-29-17 6:22 PMakemi-n
The Elephant Arch and The Milky Way
Very beautiful; details, color, and composition!

Best regards,
🕐 01-25-17 6:28 PMakemi-n
Photo 41727
🕐 01-25-17 9:54 AMvicencio1153
The Photographer
We were at the Yosemite NP between two Snowstorm. I was taking a landscape of the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls when a photographer "Photo bomb" my shot. I decided the Photographer was a part of the landscape.
🕐 11-25-16 10:42 AMzblake
Picking a Star - Joshua Tree
wow, that is great!
🕐 11-22-16 7:58 AMjtorral
Little Reader
great photo and lighting!
🕐 11-21-16 9:35 PMhys
Little Reader
Excellent! I love this picture!
🕐 11-7-16 4:38 AMterence2
HB Pier Sunset Panorama
Amazing colors, great capture, Bravo
🕐 11-3-16 5:19 AMterence2
HB Pier Sunset
All I can say is "WOW"
🕐 08-30-16 6:45 PMqbert
Hotel Del Panorama
Wonderful Pano, Fun to explore.
Im a big fan of panos and think it would be interesting if you could provide some technical info, IE: how many frames, If they were Vert or Horz, if shot offhand or using support or exit pupil technique??
🕐 08-8-16 11:47 PMnikon_sam
US Open of Surf -Tatiana
Love the angle...beautiful shot...
🕐 08-6-16 11:41 PMhys
US Open of Surf -Tatiana
Excellent moment!
🕐 07-11-16 2:27 PMterence2
Elephant Arch - Joshua Tree
Great shot..
🕐 07-11-16 2:25 PMterence2
Joshua Tree + Milky Way
Great shot....
🕐 07-11-16 2:25 PMterence2
Joshua Tree + Milky Way
Great shot....
🕐 07-11-16 2:25 PMterence2
Picking a Star - Joshua Tree
Great shot
🕐 07-10-16 2:37 AMwalter2
Joshua Tree + Milky Way
WOW!!! Perfect.
🕐 07-10-16 2:37 AMwalter2
Picking a Star - Joshua Tree
Good show!
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