Comments for Jeffrey Matthews

🕐 06-7-15 11:10 AMjtorral
Agnie (HS)
Wow. Looking forward to seeing more.
🕐 06-6-15 12:52 PMjeffworks
Agnie (HS)
Thanks for your comments and likes; actualy, just finished shooting Anige again..
🕐 06-5-15 7:15 PMjtorral
Agnie (HS)
This is by far your prettiest model! Nice shot.
🕐 06-4-15 6:50 PMakemi-n
Alicia VII
Very intense! Well done.

Best regards,
🕐 03-20-14 3:04 PMrandyb58
Stlylized Realism
Fantastic and lovely model !
🕐 11-19-13 8:50 PMjtorral
Agnie (HS)
Wow. This is beautiful! Nice portrait and lighting.
🕐 08-13-13 6:31 AMrandyb58
2nd landscape attempt at in North Ridgeville, Ohio
Nice shot!
🕐 04-15-13 6:32 PMjtorral
Hex Hypoxia: My fiest Nikon Shoot
Way cool. Like the concept.
🕐 04-11-13 11:30 AMrandyb58
Pc from first Nikon Shoot. Model: Hex Hypoxia
This is good! I still like B&W the best for these shots.
popflash photo

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