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🕐 01-19-16 8:41 AMminxliu
My wife _ Sarah
Sorry Walter2 for late reply .. I was just engrossed by viewing others work which is a lesson for me..
Lens used is Nikkor 18 -140 mm( kit lens) with Nikon D 7100
Thank you for kind comments
🕐 12-27-15 9:51 AMphotosphere42
My wife _ Sarah
Very nice! Well done.
🕐 12-25-15 5:32 PMminxliu
My wife _ Sarah
Thank you Walter for beautiful comment that is very encouraging.. Though I am using Nikkor kit lens 18 -140 mm that was bundled with D-7100..
Thank you qbert for comments I appreciate
🕐 12-25-15 10:49 AMqbert
My wife _ Sarah
I couldnt have said it better Walter.
Excellent portrait, and I especially like the black isolation, as you may have noticed in some of my work.
🕐 12-25-15 10:41 AMwalter2
My wife _ Sarah
A very good portrait in black & white with good values from the entire gray-scale, from the deepest blacks (which I like!) to pure white in the eye-reflections. Sharp and clear. Very good texture of the skin and details in the hair! What lens did you user here?

Best regards,
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