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🕐 03-2-19 9:50 AMjtorral
Photo 100959
Thanks. Just started to play with it. Have not figured out how to get all of the settings under control yet.
🕐 03-2-19 5:59 AMmicpic069
Photo 100959
Thanks for posting these images from this camera and lens combination........Impressive quality...particularly given the ISO 6400 index setting.
I am currently considering upgrading my equipment to this combination, and the ability to view information relating to the posted images is one of my principal reasons for visiting the site.......apart from enjoying many of the images !!
thanks again
🕐 03-1-19 2:04 AMyuriylux
Photo 100959
Amazed at image quality at ISO 6400! Awesome! 5****
🕐 09-24-18 9:42 PMmicpic069
Photo 3427
You have captured the fascination of dereliction.....each has a story to tell......!The tight framing and colour enhancement engage us.
Satisfying and stimulating !!
🕐 08-29-17 12:33 AMwalter2
Photo 31508
This is what the Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF2 is all about. Sharp where you set the focus and creamy were out of focus, with magical Bokeh!
🕐 12-4-16 9:56 AMzblake
Photo 41417
I'm inspired after this! Sunday plan (street photos AND beer)!
🕐 12-2-16 6:12 PMshtarka1
Photo 41417
🕐 12-2-16 6:12 PMshtarka1
Photo 41420
Stunning IQ, Jorge!!!!
🕐 12-2-16 5:03 PMrbsinto
Do you even see me ?
Good street shot.
Excellent use of depth of field to draw the viewer's eye to the homeless woman's face.
And her attempt to make eye contact with the passersby, who are oblivious to her presence, and ignoring her as they approach, tells the story.
Well done!
🕐 11-11-16 12:40 AMwalter2
Photo 41261
Agreed! Me too I have a "love affair" with my Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM - which in spite of it beeing a zoom with all the compromises an engineer has to make in it's design - it still is better than ANY Nikon-glass I have tried. Sigma A 18-35mm f/1.8 is a dedicated Dx-lens, but from about 30mm and up it's circle of projetction provides full coverage of the FF-sensor, at 35mm without ANY vignetting.
🕐 11-10-16 8:39 PMjtorral
Photo 41261
I am blown away with the level of sharpness, contrast and color the Sigma art delivers. I have been a Zeiss shooter most of my life but this just takes it to a different level. And, it's auto focus!

Embeded Photo

Here is the full frame

Embeded Photo
🕐 11-10-16 12:36 AMwalter2
Photo 41254
Typical. Political (and social?) convictions and (mis)belives, mixed with stubborn and folly opposition - tends to "blind" people ... some of these can be regarded as "proffessional protesters" regardless of who is the target, as long as they can "raise the finger" in their ignorance.
🕐 11-9-16 7:08 PMjtorral
Photo 41254
Some of these people did not vote and most had no real answer to why they were protesting other than vulgar outbursts.
🕐 11-8-16 11:37 PMwalter2
Photo 41245
Well, somebody has to do it...
🕐 11-8-16 11:35 PMwalter2
Photo 41250
Very special! A powefull scene and a very strong social portrayal. This is a cruel reminder of how one's life can change suddenly. It takes guts to take a picture like this.
🕐 11-8-16 1:17 AMwalter2
Photo 41240
Who needs a comb, or scissors, for that matter? Good portrait, Jorge!
🕐 11-6-16 11:26 AMwalter2
Photo 41218
Good choice of aperture value to separet the singer from the very unobtrusive background. I must check out this Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4 for mye "soon-to-come" D750 !!
🕐 11-6-16 11:20 AMwalter2
Photo 41216
I like that - honest guy with a good sens of humor and a well fed dog at his side!
🕐 11-2-16 7:04 AMwalter2
Photo 41176
interesting type you have portrayed here, Jorge. With his "Pharao"-like appearance, he clearly appreciates getting all of your attention! Good details behind the glasses and beautiful Bokeh from this 45mm Tamron.
🕐 10-10-16 5:41 AMterence2
Photo 16632
Great shot...
popflash photo
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