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🕐 10-19-19 9:48 PMjtorral
Photo: 101767
Is that out of focus area post processing or rendered from the lens? I am curious since it was shot at 1.8. Regardless, its very impressive.
🕐 10-11-19 3:04 PMphotosphere42
Photo: 101767
Very Nice, Well done! What a beauty!
🕐 10-10-19 4:47 PMterence2
Photo: 101767
wonderful capture
🕐 11-30-18 8:59 AMjtorral
Northern California Renaissance Fair
Love that bokeh. Does magic to the colors.

Is that 105 living up to all the hype? It certainly looks good on here.
🕐 11-5-18 11:55 AMjtorral
Yosemite's Half Dome Reflected by Merced River
Amazing !!!!
🕐 11-5-18 11:54 AMjtorral
Yosemite's Merced River; Sentinal Bridge View
Wow! Stunning.
🕐 11-5-18 4:09 AMmicpic069
Yosemite's Merced River; Sentinal Bridge View
You have "nailed " this one.
The depth of colour captured without exaggeration, all within a securely resolved composition enhanced by the symmetry of the reflection, with the element of the inclined tree and two small elements on the gravel point to the left , beautifully resolving it all.
Bravo !
🕐 11-4-18 5:07 PMdalth500
Yosemite's Merced River; Sentinal Bridge View
Great shot - it must have been magnificent ! I never seem to get the timing right for the Fall colors - I suppose there is an App for that haha!
🕐 11-4-18 1:41 PMdalth500
Yosemite's Half Dome Reflected by Merced River
Wonderful work!
🕐 10-19-18 11:02 AMakul
Northern California Renaissance Fair
Great shot. It is almost surreal in a way how a person pops into the scene.
🕐 09-3-18 9:00 PMjtorral
Overlooking Post-Sunset colors at Mauna Lani Point, Hawaii
Reminds me of "The Seer" from Cannery row.
🕐 09-3-18 8:58 PMjtorral
Blue Eyes, Blue Hair
Wow. Those eyes are amazing!
🕐 06-3-18 12:53 AMjtorral
Egret with Lunch!
Wow! Spectacular. And those colors!
🕐 03-25-18 3:59 AMmicpic069
Sunset. Kona Hawaii
A wonderful drama captured here with rich contrasts of tone and colour reminiscent of a High Renaissance pairing.
🕐 03-25-18 12:52 AMmicpic069
Trumpet Great, Bobby Shew
An excellent capture in the Classic Mode of Jazz lighting, strong contrast, expressive facial expression and beautiful “ bokeh” rendered in the background...high ISO performance impressive does not comprise quality of rendering Memorable
🕐 03-19-18 3:52 PMoldham
Bat Shattering Swing
excellent detail and feeling well taken
🕐 02-24-18 9:28 PMterence2
Sunset; Hawaii ("Big Island")
Well done....
🕐 02-14-18 11:37 AMmicpic069
Just a Pigeon......
You have captured the subtlety of the plumage so well whilst isolating from background effectively
🕐 02-11-18 8:05 PMterence2
Golden Dust Gecko
🕐 01-27-18 6:09 PMchuckn
Wood Duck
Great shot!

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