Comments for Aleksander Solarski

🕐 09-21-19 3:27 PMphotobugjb
Sit down and watch II
Relaxing for me, nice composition.
🕐 08-14-19 2:35 AMaleksolar
It's not about Heaven IV
Thank you for your time. And above all, thank you for... constructive criticism. In fact - after cutting the upper part, we focus more on the idyll, on the houses. Thanks for the advice ( "2 Cents", heh ). "We're still learning".
Best regards, my (Photo*)Friend.

(* "We are a different breed of people. We’re a happy bunch." )
🕐 08-13-19 9:16 AMwalter2
It's not about Heaven IV
I like this, Aleks - the strong diagonal gives a good depth to it. I am inclined to think that this feeling of depth would still be greater if you sacrifice som of the sky - because (in my humble opinion) there are 2 very interresting areas fighting each other for attention - the sky with lovely clouds is callin for the fiewers attention, as is the lovely (and more interresting) field of grass ...!
Just my 2 Cents on this image.
Best regrads from Norway,

P.S.: I know that you love the nice clouds, but sometimes the old saying from the Art-world - "kill your darlings" applies ...

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