Comments for Matt Macdonald

🕐 11-9-17 3:04 PMakul
Billboard Passersby
By: kanuck
Superb shot!
🕐 06-2-17 7:08 PMlance b
Under the Bridge B&W
By: kanuck
Wonderful composition and geometry!
🕐 06-19-16 5:31 PMterence2
Traditional Chiang Mai Garments
By: kanuck
Way too cute...
Great colors....
🕐 02-9-16 10:15 AMphotosphere42
Traditional Chiang Mai Garments
By: kanuck
Wonderful image!
🕐 01-22-16 8:53 AMminxliu
By: kanuck
love the colors and receding lines.. beautiful work indeed
🕐 01-22-16 8:51 AMminxliu
By: kanuck
lovely view.. were you standing on water..???
🕐 01-22-16 8:49 AMminxliu
Love 4 Spring
By: kanuck
vibrant and lively , festivity mood well captured ..
🕐 12-28-15 5:40 PMminxliu
Merchant Street East Central Yangon
By: kanuck
looks more like a street of Kolkatta , India
🕐 12-26-15 9:40 AMminxliu
Moment of Burmese Silence
By: kanuck
lovely shot
🕐 12-26-15 1:07 AMminxliu
Young Buddhist Monk
By: kanuck
well composed and lovely expression
🕐 12-25-15 6:05 PMminxliu
Stone Boat Stupa Mt. Kyaiktiyo
By: kanuck
lovely shot
🕐 10-19-15 6:49 PMqbert
Kuala Lupur KLCC Architecture
By: kanuck
Love the lines and colors!
🕐 09-11-15 10:48 PMakul
When Geology Meets Art
By: kanuck
Wow. Amazing shot. Timing, light, sky, composition. Super shot !
🕐 07-30-15 6:30 AMharmondo
The Swarm
By: kanuck
Magical image! Great portfolio of work.
I'm getting ready to a 14-24mm.
🕐 07-22-15 7:17 PMharmondo
Water's Edge
By: kanuck
Beautiful landscape work.
🕐 04-24-15 6:56 AMwalter2
The Mall of Asia Amusement Park in Manila
By: kanuck
I love this dynamic, whippy and springy B&W picture from the busy fairground. Dramatic light gives special drama to the sky and good depth on the ground!
Best regards,
🕐 02-20-15 3:30 AMkanuck
Under the Bridge Downtown
By: kanuck
Thank you Walter :)
🕐 02-15-15 3:00 PMwalter2
Under the Bridge Downtown
By: kanuck
Exciting and interresting photo with dynamic composition and intriguing (?) objects. The man-figure gives the little extra and an good measuremet of the whole scene.

🕐 11-20-14 11:57 AMsmoke32408
Traditional Korean Kitchen
By: kanuck
Nice layout. The food there is always great. spent two years in South Korea.
🕐 11-17-14 12:05 AMwalter2
Morning Calm
By: kanuck
Wonderful capture of serene nature. Good mood of fall with nice colours.
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