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Photo 501697
Photo by derekwin
🕐 11-03-11 01:13derekwin wrote:
thanks J torralba I just got a free filter from zeiss from a promo they had going. It is one of my favorites as well. along with this one

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Photo 502909
Photo by derekwin
🕐 07-17-11 10:56donuss wrote:
nice portrait great colors
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Photo 504913
Photo by derekwin
🕐 05-17-11 04:40derekwin wrote:
thanks sometimes it is hard to manually focus. Still I thought this photo had something.
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Photo 504910
Photo by derekwin
🕐 03-16-11 22:57JT wrote:
truly a wonderful portrait. Great lighting and the bokeh is so smooth. Nice job.
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Photo 504421
Photo by derekwin
🕐 02-23-11 01:04akul wrote:
Love the strong contrast of light and composition.
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Photo 504052
Photo by derekwin
🕐 01-04-11 23:33donuss wrote:
Great composition and moment
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Photo 504902
Photo by derekwin
🕐 10-19-10 02:19derekwin wrote:
nope cosplay convention. There is no way a Korean parent would allow that kind of tattoo
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Photo 504918
Photo by derekwin
🕐 10-17-10 20:10JT wrote:
Incredible smoothness and colors to this picture. Creamy and lovely!
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Photo 505900
Photo by derekwin
🕐 10-11-10 00:13derekwin wrote:
thanks it was one of my favorites from the festival over the weekend.
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Photo 505845
Photo by derekwin
🕐 10-09-10 11:06donuss wrote:
good shoot nice colors and sharpness
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