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mitresg - 08-7-18 7:46 PM
I like to add that I rather like the effects and moods of this picture. It had been underexposed drastically to achieve this. Walter, I would still like to have your expert comment.
BTW. This picture had been submitted, not dumped.
mitresg - 08-7-18 6:31 PM
I have waited for a few days for your helpful comment. Here is my "take".

As I was buffeted by the wind and rain on that morning, I saw the dark clouds, and this shaggy tree, with its unkempt branches, jutting into the sky in defiance. I snapped the shot, deliberately under-exposed to emphasise the stark nature of the contest. No. It was not pixel-perfect, sharp, nor pretty, and not meant to be.
mitresg - 08-6-18 7:00 AM
The title is “approaching storm”. This is what I REALLY want to show. I welcome your comments on whether it is effective or on how it could be improved.
walter2 - 08-6-18 6:36 AM
What is it that you REALLY want to show with this image? Why are you posting this?


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Approaching storm

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