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allmetro - 11-1-18 4:25 PM
Can't wait to see your pics.
qbert - 10-30-18 10:20 AM
The Z7 is the best overall camera I have ever used. It's low light hand held ability is simply amazing, I've done 1/2 second exposures handheld, while bracing my body, of course. Color rendition is Classic Nikon. It finally has usable focus peaking. All of my F-Mount lenses work seamlessly, from the oldest AI and AIS to the latest AFS. I only own one third party F-Mount, the Sigma 120-400, which works fine.
Balance with the larger lenses is not ideal but ok. The only other DSLR type camera that comes close is the Nikon D850, which I consider a close second due entirely to the wonderful Z7 EVF.
The only other camera I have ever felt this strongly about is my trust Nikon D3. It has a unique look to it's images. I also have the Pentax 645z system that also has a specific look, but I feel that the Z7 is every bit as good if not better. Finially, The smaller size/weight alone makes this far more usable for someone like myself with physical disabilities.
PS: I should be receiving the Z 35mm f1.8 today. Should be that much sharper across the frame than the 24-70. Can't wait!
dalth500 - 10-30-18 9:40 AM
How do you like the Nikon Z7? Have you tried older Nikkor lenses with it?


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