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I've been bad for the last six or seven months and haven't been shooting much at all. Last Sunday, I was downtown and waiting for my wife and grand-daughter so I went to Kensington to kill time and walked around. I passed one of the neighbourhood stores that deals in used goods of every description. The owner always brings a ton of merchandise out onto the sidewalk, and then spends the day sitting on the doorstep reading the paper. I liked the story, and grabbed this shot.
photosphere42 - 01-18-19 4:54 PM
Great image, simple, straight forward.
micpic069 - 12-20-18 5:30 AM
I like this “ slice of life” picture with the accompanying story.
For me I prefer this type of traditional “ reportage” rather than dramatically grabbed “ street photography” as it is labelled these days.....your capture reminds me of the “ Picture Post” genre from the 1950’s. Thanks for sharing it.
qbert - 12-19-18 7:07 AM
Looks like he could really use a couple of folding tables.
Its nice that the photo accurately depicts the same story as you have described.


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You want it, we got it-Kensington

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