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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Photo: 14609

ivanthedude - 04-6-11 1:12 AM
This gentleman is a photographer and photo shop owner,whose advice was NOT to buy 50 mm. Of course, I didn't take that advice...
miked700 - 04-5-11 1:43 PM
@Ivan: if you don't mind manual focus, I've been trying out the 1.2/50 Ai-S Nikkor (yes, you can buy them new, have a look at nikon.com). Now that's a lens...
merlycuza - 04-5-11 1:33 PM
I have a 50mm prime, boy is it work! less forgiving. who is this gentleman?
ivanthedude - 04-5-11 10:46 AM
Thanks. Waiting for a prime lens...coming sooooon
miked700 - 04-5-11 10:36 AM
Once again Ivan, just beautiful. You caught the light in his eyes.

Get a prime, stay away from the zooms! ;-)